Tools for Living Wisely in These Crazy (and Auspicious) Times

(Updated September 20, 2020)

To live ‘wisely’ in these times, it is important to develop a tool-kit that helps to ground and centre you for the many dramatic shifts that are occurring around us on a variety of levels, including emotional/spiritual/energetic as well as physical. Being ‘resilient’ to these changes requires a body and mind that is strongly grounded in this reality, whilst remaining open and flexible to be able to quickly shift or change as required. Resiliency work is about building both your healing systems and your healing team to assist you through the difficult times on many different levels.[1]

(Editor’s note: If you feel like you could use some help in building resiliency from a licensed mental health professional, reach out to BetterHelp today. )

The following information represents the breadth and depth of holistic and healing modalities that I have personally explored and continue to highly recommend. I have used them many times in on my own soul work journey. Some of these methods are also regularly included in my webinars, presentations, workshops, or group retreats. Below are some tools to support your soul as you grow with courage and clarity.

The following are beginner’s basic essentials to living a balanced life.

Meditation a variety of methods include:

i) Tibetan Buddhist forms: teaching heart-centred and present moment living (
ii) Zen meditation forms: a modern influence which integrates western psychology awareness work with voice dialogue and Zen Buddhist consciousness work toward enlightenment – Big Heart, Big Mind (
iii) Hindu meditation forms: Sahaja Yoga offers free online video courses (

Yoga I can’t say enough about the importance of stretching and strengthening the body slowly and carefully through the various forms of yoga. My personal favourites are Moksha and Hatha, but there are many other very good forms.

Forest Bathing Connect daily with Nature through walks, meditations, or sitting by a tree or water. Focus on how all your senses experience nature – the sounds, the colours, the textures, etc.

Vigorous Physical Exercise is very important for grounding and reality clearing. Commit to cardio and muscle strengthening at least three times a week or more, including walking, hiking, or biking. Spiritual grounding through a strong body is critical for holding the higher frequencies of spiritual work that can cause distortions of reality if not grounded well into the body.

Although we appear to be living in a crazy time of great change (often perceived as scary or detrimental), you can also learn how to navigate through change with a positive attitude. A crisis can also be an opportunity to change or shift something toward a better, or healthier, way of being. It is a choice to learn how to take a challenging – or even an intense, crazy-making experience – and turn it into an auspicious and deep soul learning moment.

Many people fear change as it can feel uncomfortable at times, but change can be viewed as an opening to new possibilities. Cultivating a non-judgmental, gentle, loving curiosity – an attitude of inquiry that fosters positive growth – is a path that can promise profound personal rewards that are body, mind, and soul enhancing.

Any consciousness development or personal inner therapy work will help you to meet your dark, negative, shadow self, and integrate it with compassion. This will help you to grow an authentic self awareness that includes both the positive and negative aspects of yourself as a complete and whole human being (this is the soul inquiry healing work I do with clients).

Body/Mind Integrated Therapies This work is profound deep healing of core issues, and integrating the ‘gap’ between body and mind toward greater congruency.
i) Bioenergetics: This is my core therapeutic training; fundamental Body Psychotherapist work that listens to the messages the body is silently expressing and encourages the re-organization of past dysfunctional and stuck patterns.[4]
ii) Core Energetics: This is similar to Bioenergetics, but also includes a particular spiritual dimension of the Pathwork Teachings and includes another dimension of the body’s invisible energies and Chakra energy healing.[5]
iii) Somatic Experiencing: This is excellent for healing deep, core trauma work, especially for children and large groups.

Energetic Interventions – are the types of systems that will re-organize your neural network pathways, either on your own as DIY exercises and/or while you sit passively with a practitioner. The following methods also integrate electronic delivery systems into the work. I often use multiple techniques and strongly recommend these as ways to reduce chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid or hormone issues, anxiety, fear, excessive hyper-vigilance, or imprinted deep terror in the system.

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine this is a great body of work to help balance the right and left sides of the body and energy system; it provides a good daily balance and increases resiliency. I highly recommend learning the five to ten minute daily routine.[2]

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – This is a handy self-help tool to immediately shift an intense emotional reaction to something, and to help change old habits.[3]

Tong Ren – is a fascinating long-distance healing method (

Access Consciousness – This is a wonderful consciousness-clearing and inspiring work (
i) NMT (Neuromodulation Technique): I have worked with this fascinating modality for years now to clear many levels of pernicious synaptic patterns (PSPs) [6]
ii) BioPhoton Therapy: I have seen this modality clear up some kinds of bacteria and even viruses in one session, depending on the type and severity. Hugely popular in North America as an alternative non-invasive method that can diagnose (and sometimes even heal) Lyme disease, this type of therapy has had a profound affect on healing deep fatigue, and so much more. I have had blood tests done before and after this therapy, which showed profound and lasting changes in my body that are miraculous to me.[7]

House Clearing and Protection Methods – It’s important to keep your home, as well as your body, energetically clear.
i) EMF protection tools (
ii) My book, Soma Earth Energetic Space Balancing:
iii) Aromatherapy oil diffusers and oils that are helpful for grounding, such as pine or fir essential oils
iv) Clutter Clearing – keeping your space clear of clutter supports a clear mind
v) Large grounding stones such as garnet or obsidian can be helpful under the bed or the couch

Flower Essences – Finally, I recommend Raven Essences Flower Essence 2017 created by my friend and colleague, Andrea Mathieson. Her yearly combination essences can uniquely support you through these intense times of change. For more information visit Andrea’s website at:


May you have the courage to live through your heart, let go of what no longer aligns with your true soul path, and find ways to cultivate an abundance of Joy every day.

I can support you to find ways to get in touch with your unconscious or shadow self through symbols, dream-work interpretation, or emotional art drawings. And I can help you to heal the pain of your deeper soul wounds to create a greater congruency of your body and mind through body psychotherapy. Let’s begin to heal your unique soul story together!

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