The Soul Contract Intuitive


Discover the Purpose Behind Your Relationships

Have you ever wondered why certain people or pets are in your life? For instance, what purpose does your father play in your life? What is your pet here to show you? I have investigated psychic mediums across the globe since 1999, but have never come across any who focused their work around the soul contracts we have with people and animals. Never, that is, until I met Danielle MacKinnon.

Danielle began my first reading by communicating with our Labrador mix, Libby. “Libby’s telling me that one of you regularly rubs her ears in an outward motion, which she finds calming.” (My wife Melissa massages Libby’s ears often.)

“Libby is complaining of her dirty paws during her walks. She has long hairs that pick up the dirt, she says.” (Both are true. We clean her paws after every walk. But we don’t trim the fur because it protects her paws from hot tar in summer and cold ice in winter.) Danielle conveyed more of Libby’s thoughts and then she said “Libby’s soul contract with you, Bob, is to keep you in the present moment. She often takes you out of thought by walking over to you just long enough to get your attention, then she walks away.” She was right – Libby often walks down the hall to my office and stands beside me at my desk just long enough to break my concentration and notice her.

Danielle recognized that I had old contracts from past lives that I was continuing to honour, and these were in conflict with what I came into this life to achieve. It turns out, soul contracts aren’t just about our relationships in this lifetime – we also have soul contracts from other lifetimes that continue to affect us, both positively and negatively. She identified a few of them and walked me through an exercise that took only eight minutes, which she said removed these vows and others from the Akashic Records (where memories, lessons, karma, and vows accumulate on the spiritual plane) right over the phone.

Danielle assured me that most people don’t experience physical symptoms as a result of contract breaking, but mild symptoms can result temporarily, due to the energetic cleansing of these cellular-level vows. On the fourth day after my session, my backache was gone and I was motivated to begin working again. Interestingly, there were a few projects that I previously thought were important to me that no longer felt that way. I was also now thinking in new directions. And some unexpected and amazing opportunities fell into my lap, one of which involved a life-changing career deal. It was quite serendipitous that it all happened right after the reading.

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