Book Review: The Copleat New Age Health Guide – Volume 1

Author: (D.M.) Cottrell B.A., M.A.
Publisher: Many Mansions Press
Book Publication: 2014

Based on the Deep Trance Meditation Readings of Douglas James Cottrell, PhD; co-authored and edited by (D.M.) Cottrell B.A., M.A.

If you are over 50, you remember when every book store in the western world had an ‘Edgar Cayce’ section. Cayce’s books, based on approximately 12,000 transcribed ‘health readings’ performed for individuals that Cayce himself had never met, in places he had never been, were delivered while he was in a 100% meditative state – in fact, to all intents and purposes, asleep. Cayce died in 1945.

Almost a century later, Googling ‘Edgar Cayce’ yields almost a million hits. Dubbed ‘the father of holistic medicine,’ Cayce’s diagnoses and treatments took a uniquely integrated app-roach, something made possible, he claimed, because he was accessing the information from the Collective Unconscious or ‘Quantum Field’ to which all living things are connected.

That was then. This is now. For many who wished that the legacy left by Cayce might be updated and made current, Canadian Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, PhD, is more than ready to take up the gauntlet.

In 1974, Cottrell discovered that he possessed the very same talent which Cayce had – the ability to access the so-called Akashic Records or ‘intelligent field’ that connects all matter at the Quantum Level, and discussed in iconic works such as Lynne McTaggart’s The Field. Cottrell has since provided thousands of individuals all over the world with health readings, just as Cayce did a century earlier.

“My dad was a very well-kept secret for some 40 years,” explains publisher D. M. Cottrell, son of Douglas James. “He has already done over double the number of meditative sessions that Cayce himself did in his own lifetime. Then, this year (2014), he was suddenly ‘discovered’ by the New York Edgar Cayce Association, and became the featured speaker for their NYC conference, doing two and sometimes three interactive group demonstrations a day. Now we can’t keep up with demand.”

In response to his newfound fame after four decades of hard work, Dr. Cottrell has released what he considers his most important book ever – The Compleat New Age Health Guide. The book is 292 pages in length, covering more than 149 maladies and treatments, is arranged alphabetically, and foreworded by the man who just recently ‘discovered’ him – Jack Rosen of the New York Edgar Cayce Association.

The book sheds light on a wide range of conditions still considered a ‘mystery’ today. “Take Dupuytrens Contracture or ‘Claw Hand,’” suggests D.M. Cottrel, “…a condition affecting millions. Not only is the cause un-known, but the only surgery  available to relieve the disease usually makes it worse. The Cottrell meditations suggest the cause is in the brain, not in the hand. The brain determines, incorrectly, that the hand is under duress or threat, and creates the super-hard, invasive tissue as a defence. The surgery to remove the dense tissue only reinforces the brain’s initially misguided view that the hand was under attack, so it produces yet more invasive tissue in response to the surgery. This is the only view of Dupuytrens that actually makes sense!” (An unorthodox treatment is explained in the book.)

Bottom line, this is the first book in over a century that picks up where Cayce left off. The contents include both what is ‘expected’ – and also what is shocking and new.

For example, the Cayce themes of acid-alkaline balance and proactive spinal care are both continued and expounded upon. What is shockingly new, however, is the suggestion that all those wonderful communications satellites now filling our sky – the same devices which give us Wifi and Netflix – are slowly killing us and destroying what is left of our immune systems.

Many new treatments are suggested, some of which are powerful yet inexpensive. (Colloidal silver is confirmed as a universal antibiotic; and finally we have an explanation for how the inexpensive Cayce formulation known as ‘Atomic Ash’ works against certain specific types of cancers. And the new ‘light’ chiropractic technique known as Network Spinal Analysis is confirmed as valid – “it works favourably on the Energy Bodies and makes them shimmer,” Cottrell says.)

Not so much a book, perhaps, as an historical event in the field of Holistic Practice, The Compleat New Age Health Guide includes testimonials and endorsements from MDs as well as professionals at all levels of the health and medical specialties.

The Compleat New Age Health Guide, Volume 1 is available for order here:

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