Sacred Journeys – February 2013

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The canvas of the new world is here, but first we need to clean our brushes so we can co-create with love

Taking Care of Ourselves as Divine Beings

Well here we are at the start of a new year, and a new cycle, where our bliss can fill the world’s sails. My Dec 21st experience was quite beautiful. Five of us met up at a cabin in the woods. We had a lovely dinner as it snowed and snowed. We talked about what we would like to create in the new world, what might be changing, pulled some divination cards and tucked ourselves into our sleeping bags with an alarm set for 5:30 am. By 6:00 am we were outside in the deep snow (50 cm fell overnight) and circled quietly in the dark soft silence. We linked with all the others around the world observing this moment in time, where we committed together to bring more love and more light into the beautiful world we call home. We committed to holding a higher vibration in all that we say and do.

The magical quality stayed as we discovered that the electrical power was out across the Ottawa Valley, and trees were down on the half mile cabin driveway, which prevented any ‘business as usual’ from sneaking into the day. Rather, the silence and snow heightened the quiet pristine quality. I would say the dominant sensation we each had was one of softness. It makes sense, doesn’t it, that higher frequencies would be softer, more light filled.

My ego wanted more of a noticeable feeling of ‘difference’. A few days later, when the electricity was back on and I could check my laptop, I saw there was a degree of disappointment that many were feeling, and many more feeling despair, as though they’d been fooled into believing in a miracle. I profoundly understand their feeling of being overwhelmed by what is out there in the world for us to change.

Our job now is not to wish or hope that a new world is being birthed, but to know it. Knowing means surrendering to our core, to that still place where we can trust our access to a higher vibration and potency with which to create.

Know, for example, that: within three years we will barely recognize the place; the good of the group will have taken precedence over the good of the few; old outmoded fear- based ideas will quickly shift into co-creative and sustainable ideas; love is in the air.

I have become aware of how quickly things manifest. I can ask for ‘help’ and the help is immediate, and it is obvious who helped. Believe me I have needed it. The journey this last year has been quite challenging, but the promise of change ahead and the commitment I made to be present for this world celebration of a new age, kept my heart full and energy high.

After the December 21st event, I crashed. Although there was a new softness, I was also exhausted. Many people, who were doing the daily meditations, seemed tired. It is important to rest while we regain our energy and recalibrate to the earth’s new electro-magnetics. In many ways it was like having a birthday. One is not changed physically by the day’s passing, but it marks a new understanding of who we are in the world. The big changes will come gently and at a pace we can handle, and the change will work itself from the inside out.

After the holidays, rather than feeling euphoric, which I was hoping, I instead became aware of my physical and mental imbalances. We are coming to understand that we store our old stories, hurts and beliefs in our bodies, so what is not in resonance now is shifting and expressing as it moves. The homeopath, the chiropractor, and the acupuncturist are all helping to address what is coming up for me personally. I am also giving myself permission to nap in the afternoon if so called, to assist in the realignment. It feels like being stirred, so that everything has a chance to shift around, from beliefs to molecules.

It is completely natural and imperative that we do this work now. The canvas of the new world is here, but first we need to clean our brushes so we can co-create with love, and not have our efforts tainted with old sadness, fear, judgment, disappointment or whatever it might be. I know that many are really feeling the darkness of winter because of the exhaustion and change and upheaval. Remember – the world is not dark, it is bursting with light and love as always. Match that feeling in yourself again, and you light the world again. It takes no effort, outside of knowing it is so and a few naps.

Remember that we are idle no more, and we are occupying the new world, and it will change, as sure as there is going to be a sunrise tomorrow. No one is turning back. The change has taken 70 years but it is here to stay. Clear your heart and connect with the divine being that you truly are, and radiate your beautiful self into the path ahead of you.

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