Up North and Off the Grid: Still Canoeing…

I always wonder as I paddle silently along the shore, why so many people put their boats away before the ice begins. Pick the right day, especially early morning when there is no wind, and canoeing in December can be the most breathtaking boat ride of the year.

Of course, with a half kilometre of new ice between me and the water, it can be challenging to get started…

Once I got through the ice, I turned around to take a picture of the path I made.

he ice is paper-thin where it is newest.

The forest in its cloak of snow is magical.

A light breeze begins as I approach the end of the bay, erasing the perfect reflections from the dark water. Perfect icicles formed from waves splashing during the wind the day before.

Under the cedars, the ground water freezes into long icicles.

Heading homeward again, I follow the path I made earlier. Is this likely to be my last day of canoeing for 2006? Maybe….maybe not. I’ve parked the canoe on the dock. Just in case the wind should come up and take the ice away, giving me one more chance to float upon the still waters.

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