SPIRITUALITY – Understanding It and Pursuing It

Author: Peter Dennis
Publisher: CAPCO International
Book Publication: 2015

Spirituality – Understanding It and Pursuing It was originally intended as a second edition of Peter Dennis’ earlier offering on the subject of metaphysics, published in 2004. But upon realizing that few people understand nor care to pay money to learn about metaphysics (meta meaning ‘beyond’;  and physics ‘physical’), the author decided instead to tackle a subject in which many people have a profound interest – spirituality.

Having also concluded that spirituality is less about what we know, and more about what we do, the book concentrates on the author’s concept of how to advance spirituality. The resulting ‘How To’ manual presents ideas that may challenge some of our beliefs, in which case we’re invited to keep our minds open to possibilities we may not have previously entertained.

Dennis’ stated aim in writing Spirituality is to have us “feeling better after reading the book than we did when we started.”

He sets about this task by dividing the book into two parts: Part One, entitled ‘Understanding Spiritual-ity’ includes chapter titles as seemingly diverse as The Creator (God, Source, All That Is, etc), Souls and Over Souls, The Shift of December 12, 2012, and The Ego. In Part Two – ‘Pursuing Spirituality’, Dennis delves into such questions as: “Is it necessary to pursue spirituality?”; “How spiritual am I now?”, and “How can I raise my vibration?”

I appreciate the straightforward way that complex concepts and ideas are presented here, one such example being the section on The Densification of Energy. Other chapters, including Energy and Vibration, and the Law of Attraction also make for fascinating reading, the latter idea explained in relation to quantum physics in a way that is both easy to grasp and compelling. In short, this is the most uplifting manual I’ve read in a long time.

The author brings together the concepts of metaphysics and physics as a way to  explain spirituality, and also to explore the answers to some of life’s biggest questions: Where do we come from? Why are we here; what are we supposed to be up to? This book offers a path – a method for tracking our progress along the journey toward our natural and peaceful state of spirituality.

Many of us have heard the theory posited that we are, by nature, spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body (and not the other way around). Dennis promotes this theory, stating that the point to taking on a physical body is to have a human experience.

As we journey through this life experience, and the learning that comes with it, our energy vibration increases, our consciousness expands, and we “become less physical and more spiritual.” In other words, we raise our vibration.

And that, the author says, is the name of the game. How to raise our vibration and become more spiritual is at the heart of the book’s offering.

The author states, “The bottom line is our state of peace.” The question he invites us to ponder is this: If what you are doing gives you peace, keep doing it; if it doesn’t, do something else that does.

The ‘something else’ might just start with reading Spirituality – Understanding It and Pursuing It – a manual that’s a whole lot more than that.

The book can be purchased in print through: https://www.peterhdennis.com/Books.php, call Quanta (the distributor) at (416) 410-9411 to be directed to a local bookstore, or purchase the book via Ebook retailers like Amazon at: https://www.amazon.ca

Bonnie Black is a former editor, and current contributor, to Vitality magazine.

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