The Secret to Healing Cancer

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Author: Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu
Publisher: New Awareness Network
Book Publication: 2011


“My involvement in cancer treatment began when a friend was diagnosed with liver cancer. According to medical statistics he had only four to six months to live. I had a strong desire to help my friend, so I teamed up with Wang Chi Ching to design a holistic treatment that would incorporate body, mind, and spirit. We integrated this process with traditional medical treatment, and achieved surprisingly good results. My friend’s traditional medical doctors were amazed at the miraculous improvement. My friend is still healthy and carrying on with his life today” Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu

In Secret to Healing Cancer, Dr. Hsu’s emphasis is on helping the patient to grow and heal their psyche and life, and thus reinvigorate and unleash the body’s powerful natural healing and recuperative powers.

Many people have dramatically improved or completely healed themselves with the aid of Dr. Hsu, resulting in a burgeoning interest in this approach throughout Asia.

Dr. Hsu is a highly respected medical doctor and psychiatrist in Taiwan who uses a very different approach from traditional medicine; he is the founder of a Holistic Clinic in Taipei which treats cancer, other physical illnesses and mental illness based on the idea that all illness is a reflection of inner problems which disrupt the powerful immune system that is our natural state. This inner disease can be described as unresolved issues, blockages, repressed emotion, habitual negative patterns of thought, or unhealthy behavior that exists in the individual’s psychology, life, and heart.

“Imagine a medical doctor emphatically suggesting that our natural state is a state of health, and that illness is simply a wake-up call to tell us that our spirit is missing something big in life. Dr. Hsu suggests that Western medicine ignores a person’s psychological state, and despite enormous investments in research we still see the numbers of cases of cancer increasing each year. He believes that the main underlying cause of cancer is blocked creative fire and hopelessness. This might sound a bit simplistic, until you learn that by treating the emotions of his patients, he is getting cures where medicine had given up.”

Miriam Knight – Editor of New Consciousness Review

About the Author:

Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu, whose philosophy has been inspired by the Seth material, worked as a specialist in family medicine at the Renai branch of the Taipei City Hospital but transferred to psychiatry to gain a deeper understanding of how the human psyche affects the body. After being a psychiatrist at the Taipei City Psychiatric Center, he became the director of the mental health department at the Taipei County Hospital.

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