Book Review: Saving Face – The Scents-able Way to Wrinkle-Free Skin

Author: Sabina Devita, EdD, NNCP
 Tag Publishing LLC
Book Publication: 2017

According to Saving Face, the new book by Dr. Sabina DeVita, everything that we eat, breathe, and apply to our bodies can either accelerate our aging process, or turn back the clock. For more than 30 years, Dr. DeVita has been on the vanguard of the intersection between our environment and our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In her new book, she states: “Looking good could be killing you! It may sound absurd but what is garage floor cleaner doing on your face? Or anti-freeze doing under your armpits?”

The search for the ‘fountain of youth’ and beauty has created a billion dollar industry that feeds this obsession for eternal youth with toxic chemicals and risky surgical procedures.

Sabina DeVita first began her journey of wellness when she fell ill in the 1980s due to environmental and chemical sensitivities. This compelled her to become a student again. Her doctoral program research led her to new ways to help herself, which exposed her to a whole new world of energy medicine and healing arts.

For example, she discovered that “someone can be suffering from a chemical or environmental sensitivity and experience a host of symptoms, including wrinkling and/or sagging skin as a result. In fact, all diseases will have some association with toxic chemicals. No one escapes it.”

To help consumers choose wisely, Saving Face outlines some of the worst contaminants found in personal care products. But more importantly, she explores the rich history of anti-aging formulas dating back to perhaps the first cosmetic chemists, the ancient Egyptians, who used essential oils as cosmetics and for esthetic care. Essential oils were known to protect the skin, rejuvenate, rehydrate, and transport nutrients. They were regarded back then, and have been rediscovered today, as the most powerful skin beautifiers and anti-aging antioxidants ever created by nature.

Dr. DeVita’s book goes on to explain how to create natural, organic, youth-enhancing recipes. As she states: “This is a practical 250-page book for ‘Green Divas’ who truly want to embrace the natural approach. It is filled with antioxidant face lifts, ancient Egyptian formulas, as well as mental-emotional stress relievers, all based on organic essential oils.”

A long-time environmentalist and aromatic sciences and holistic practitioner, Dr. DeVita has dedicated the last nine years to publishing her books and lecturing internationally along with developing her entrepreneurial endeavours with Young Living Essential Oils. She is an author of seven books, including Saving Face. This book is central to her mission to promote the greening of every face, in every home for the benefit of all women, children, families and the environment as a whole.

Buy Saving Face: The Scents-Able Way to Wrinkle-Free Skin.

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