Sacred Journeys – February 2011

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At the close of last year, I had the honour of meeting three Kogis Indians who were making a rare visit from their home in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta of Columbia. The Kogis may be amongst the most evolved beings on the planet. Being in their presence shifted my understanding of human potential. Learning to understand their intimate relationship to life, and what it has taught them about coexistence on the planet with nature and with each other, is of vital importance to our surviving the next thousand years.

When Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas, the Kogis voluntarily cut themselves off from the ‘new world’ and continued undisturbed, until recently when they came down from their high Sierra home for the first time in 500 years. They call us Little Brother, and they came to tell us that the high mountains are dying, as will humankind if we do not remember who we truly are. They are asking for our help to shift outcomes.

Luc St-Laurent, of the Association Tchendukua Canada, is their guide and interpreter: “Mamu Miguel is saying there is precious little time for us … all of us. We must all do our part for the Mother. The Kogis are keen on the idea of territory, which includes the physical, subtle and spiritual Worlds. All action must involve all three realms, which cannot be dissociated from one another. Simply put, one of the best ways to help them is to ‘clean up our own yard’ with all that entails, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then we help them in maintaining balance. They chose to invest in human relationships, rather than the development of material goods. They encourage us to do the same….One of the most important parts of their message to the Little Brothers is: Help us help you”

Miguel is a Mamu. Mamus are chosen at birth and raised for 9 to 18 years in the dark, sleeping in caves and exploring the mountain only at night. The reason is that they will eventually be the decision makers within their communities, and before they make assumptions about what is the best action in the physical world, they need to learn first how to communicate clearly with the earth on multiple dimensions, and this is best facilitated by sensing the energy of the earth in the darkness. They are keen observers of natural phenomena. The Kogis focus their attention on true mindfulness, rather than their physical selves or their individuality. Physically, they have no grey hair, they can withstand 9 days of ceremony without sleep, and there are no recorded cases of murder. Remarkably they have no word for ‘I’, but instead speak in terms of ‘we the Kogis”. The Mamus are trained to move between dimensions to understand the inter-relationships of all beings and natural systems. What if we could all do that, and our society was based on those principles.

Imagine if, when the G20 gathered, they were Mamus from their respective countries or eco-communities. Imagine that when an area of the earth was depleted in some way, they went into 9 solid days of ceremony, without sleeping, to discover what was needed and how to set the healing into action.

The Mamus, who visited Ottawa, explained that one time there was an area that was depleted of nutrients and becoming desert. They had to mimic a certain bird song to call them to that area. They knew the birds interacted with a plant species whose nutrients would heal the land. The birds would bring the seed in their feathers. And guess what, the birds came with the seeds! They told us this story to illustrate who we truly are as a species on this beautiful planet.

The Kogis have been living the same way for over 1,000 years, uninterrupted by the politically and spiritually ‘civilized’ world with its power hierarchies. The Kogis are relatively unknown in the world because of their seclusion on the top of their mountain, but they and their incredible knowledge are under siege by the drug cartels, who are destroying their land and bringing a dark energy into the Heart of the Mother, where the Kogis are holding balance for the world. Three Kogis traveled to Canada recently to share their message with Little Brother, and came also with a film, made over a period of 15 months, called: Kogis, Message From The Last Man.

Besides doing our own balancing work within ourselves and our communities, one powerful way of helping our Elder Brothers, is to buy back the land that was once their territory so that they are protected and can continue their work. We can donate to the Association of Tchendukua, order the film as a donation, or host a screening, which Luc is happy to attend and answer questions. All donations will go toward operation Green Square, where people can buy back land. Mamu Miguel’s request is that the land be called: Canadian Land – Land of Peace., email Luc at

You will be inspired for the rest of your life, once you get to experience them, in their beautiful world on film.

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