Helping Each Other to Evolve Together

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At a recent gathering of friends, we found ourselves looking back at the last three years which coincidentally is also the length of the seven Uranus Pluto squares that completed the week of spring’s arrival. Each of us had gone through major shifts: change of job, home, partner, profession, and serious illness were all part of our stories, and those of our extended friends and family. Such things go on all the time in life, but there was a sense for each of us that what was happening was not random, but orchestrated by our hearts to have us shift out of an old version of ourselves into something new.

One friend offered, “If we were snakes, imagine how itchy and restless, or closed in, it might feel before we shed our skin.” We agreed that these feelings of discomfort had precipitated the eventual changes we were experiencing, or had experienced. Each of us felt caught in varying stages of the transformation of rebirth. This is a perfect description of the difficult aspect of the Uranus Pluto dance.

For me, one of the collective stories that was part of the old skin I needed to shed was the story of Cinderella: feeling stuck doing all the work; not being acknowledged for those efforts; waiting to be saved by success and love.

This is a story, perhaps, that many women share in many cultures, although it is changing. This ancient skin no longer fits. I am actually birthing my queen, who flows with the natural abundance that comes from embodying the heart’s intelligence. Incidentally, I saw the new Cinderella movie recently and in this modern version she is not feeling sorry for herself, or needing to be rescued, but is connected to nature and the magic that comes from courage and kindness. Nicely seeded.

The energies being birthed this spring are inviting us to become present, to find joy and fulfillment by releasing the stories that do not express who we have become, and to allow our higher hearts clear access to our creative expression.

A wonderful blog recording ( describes this highly creative time: “It is the Plutonic death of the bones of the structure of the culture that has been controlling and corrupt, and must die so that we can create something that is more humanitarian and unique and alive.”

The start of the Uranus Pluto dance began with the realization that we are the 99% and we can change the structure of the world to reflect who we are, rather than what the 1% of the population are trying to force world governments to believe is necessary. The Arab Spring began the dance, and we have been pushing forward ever since. As we grow our new cultural skin we want to make the changes faster: to legislate against the rape of the earth’s resources and thus live in balance with her ecology, and to respect her vast and complex intelligence. It is a very creative time, but also potentially frustrating and challenging as we go through our changes, and support others as they begin their own ecdysis (shedding of the old skins).

When change seems too slow, I put a picture of the female Buddha, Kwan Yin, goddess of mercy and compassion, on the kitchen table. Part of her story, as I understand it, is that when she had earned her opportunity to ascend into another level of blissful existence, she chose to stay and support all the incarnate beings, until every one of us had evolved to being able to achieve the same ascension. Her compassion is so inspirational it gives me patience and forgiveness for others and, most importantly, for myself.

I participated recently in a worldwide guided meditation for water, coordinated by,, and, in which many of you may have participated too. Unfortunately, I was zooming around doing 400 things beforehand, barely getting my breath as the meditation began, yet within two deep breaths the light show started. We were guided to connect to the group matrix, and immediately my body began to radiate intense heat as images of clear nebulous light articulated the collective spiritual intelligence. It blew my mind. Even before the guiding voice suggested what we visualize next, the images had already formed in my mind’s eye, and they were not my own. Best images I’ve had in a meditation. It was letting me know that even though we are all in a different place now; that regardless of how focused we are on our evolution, it is happening to us anyway; and that, as we adapt to holding more light/energy, we can do magnificent work together.

This is my new beginning.
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