Sacred Journeys – April 2012

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Sacred JourneysMany of us felt pushed to the end of our rope this past winter, in one way or another. We had to address imbalances and, at the very least, began to sense what we needed to change. Spring is when the earth is in balance between light and dark, and that is our mission as well, to move into our centre point. Not a simple case of jumping into it apparently; however it is the process we need to address, while trusting that we will be supported by the magnificent forces of nature in our journey.

It has been suggested by many, throughout history, that our journey here is to remember that we are, each, a divine expression of life who is choosing to stream into this body to explore the illusion of time; and to be able to discern the light and shadow that is this universe. It is an exploration of our own choosing. What we believe we manifest. When we get into trouble it is when we have forgotten that we are beings of love, light and infinite intelligence, and that when we live in fear we reduce our access to our true divinity. We forget that we are divine, and that all we need to do in life is to be ourselves. This description is not meant to be esoteric, but quite the opposite, to be practical. Something is mystical until you understand it and then it becomes a tool.

Some of you may have seen the lovely woman, Anita Moorjani, who was interviewed on Wayne Dyer’s winter PBS special. While in a cancer-induced coma, and given just hours to live, she crossed over to the other side and experienced a natural state of unconditional love within unity consciousness. The lesson that came from this other dimension: Be Yourself, Love Yourself. She discovered, to her surprise, that loving ourselves is the most unselfish thing we can do. When we do things for others out of fear of reprisals or because we think it is expected of us, we are doing things out of fear, not love. During her ‘near death experience’ she came to understand that her cancer was a teacher; it could disappear as soon as she understood that we are divine beings of love who need to live out loud what is in our own hearts; not a life dictated by the perceived needs of others. She gave a great example: she eats healthy because she loves her body and every cell in it, not because if she doesn’t she’ll get sick or fat (fear based). She knows her body is happy when it feels a certain way and some foods contribute to that great feeling and others do not. She is never in judgment of the food or her body, just about how there is the most positive flow and connection. She has written a book about her experiences, entitled Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer to Near Death to True Healing. (

This spring all of us are given the opportunity to come into balance by loving ourselves; after all – what is spring if not the earth loving herself. So the question might be – how do we recognize, after all these years, and even centuries if we want to include the genes of our ancestors, what being ourselves looks and feels like?

Last month I shared an exercise, offered to me by my homeopath, that is designed to help us to choose a creative, joyful, fulfilling life: if you had a month to live and resources were not an issue, what would you want to do, and how would you go about making it happen. So simple. All the excuses for why we wouldn’t or couldn’t are fear based and those blocks need to go. We can dissolve them instantly through clarity of mind and a new heartfelt determination, or allow the feelings of why we don’t deserve that abundance to come to the surface. Let those sensations (that is all they are) come up into the light and play with them until they get lighter and lighter and then seem to dissipate. As long as they are hidden they will unconsciously control us into making fear-based decisions. Bringing them into our view, and taking a good look in the light, takes away the charge and lets it breathe and just become a sensation again that is part of our story, which we can change.

“These times require, even demand, that we activate the great gifts we were given and retire the excuses, forgive the transgressions, and assume the roles we were created to live,” says Dr. Jean Houston. “This is no time for quivering promises, but a period of reckoning in which we stand humbly and boldly in the presence of our own great promise. We call our magnificent spirit into full expression; we trust our instincts and find our voice. More importantly, we act as if the world depended on our initiative and courage.”

This is the perfect time of year to do this work as the energy of spring will help you bring balance swiftly, and this year we are primed for that new template.

Personally I love feeling divine. I just do it throughout the day when I remember. I sit taller and let it fill my crown. It is quite the face lift. I am filled with a calm courage that can take on anything, while remaining unattached to the outcome. A beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy, action and rest, manifesting and receiving, and doing it all with love.

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