Sacred Journeys – April 2010

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It is spring and the energy is here to plant our seeds, to make our dreams come true. At a collective and energetic level there is also a powerful calling this year to reach out to each other, to voice what we are choosing to no longer feed, and to express what in our hearts we know we must now manifest in the new earth. There is a lot of confusion and darkness out there as one world ends and we co-create the next. It is important to hold the light, and even visualize how it might express itself, without getting pulled down into the darkness.

A quick personal example: three of our Algonquin teas can no longer be sold in Norway because they contain sage, astragalus, and angelica. This is not because they are dangerous, but because the pharmaceutical companies want to control the market.  For example, sage can cure an antibiotic-resistant staph infection that is rampant in hospitals. The drug companies’ brilliantly diabolical plan is to dupe government officials into believing it is all for our own good, forcing us to only buy from them in capsules at criminally-inflated prices. Plants belong to the earth, to life itself, not to corporate conglomerates whose greed and influence is suffocating our personal freedom to make healthy choices.

Gandhi would suggest that if I feed the anger I feel, then I feed the corporate reality. So, my response is to join our collective voices by signing petitions, writing letters and demonstrating, while also engaging my/our ‘light’ to hold the image of a new collective, where corporations do not own the will of the people or the plants and resources of the earth. What would that look like? That is the image I have to dream, and then hold it, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that such a future already exists.

At mid-winter I had a dream that I was on a beach with others and was building a spiral in the sand. The spiral had dimensionality to it. As we worked, we were building a future and discussed each brick, how it would affect the world politically and socially, and on other dimensions, as well. Cool dream. Would you believe that a few weeks later the dream came true? I was at Las Labradas, a deserted beach north of Mazatlan, with people from the dream, and we walked toward black lava rocks that had been carved with spirals and other ancient symbols by the Toltecs more than 1,200 years ago. There was an open area of sand amongst the rocks and I found myself there spinning like a dervish, until there was a connection between the core of the earth, up my spine, into the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.

I began to walk backwards digging my heel into the sand and building a spiral. I was going to set intentions for what I wanted to see, but instead, standing later in the centre, the vision was of each of us living with our heart and mind guided by grace – the divine light within. It was dizzying. I asked the waves to come and take the seed of the spiral out to the ocean where the sun would pull it into the air and let it rain onto the plants and into the water table so we could all drink it in. (I kid you not, Sting just came on my iPod singing, “Send a seed into a distant future, send your love.”)

On the day I got home from Mazatlan there was a gathering to celebrate the ‘young elders’ in our community who had been ‘way-showers’. Their feet were soaked in cedar water and they were fussed over, feet and shoulders massaged, told stories about how they had made a difference, and given gifts. My gift to them was a set of spiral shells that I had collected for them from the spiral beach. Spirals of evolving consciousness.

When I was telling them this story of the dream and the beach, I also recalled describing my home in Canada to someone in Mexico; how my community had reached out and formed a food co-op, and how the women got together around the moon, and the men and children gathered at the solstices and equinoxes, how we honoured the young women when they began their moon time and we were now honouring our elders. They asked me where I lived, and instead of saying where, I heard myself answer, “the future.”

Dream the world into being this spring, hold the light, and let yourself be guided by the light you are already. You might curl your toes with embarrassment at first but try saying to yourself on a regular basis: “I am truth, I am light, I am a way to live in grace.”

Stevie Wonder just came on singing, “World keep on turning cause it won’t be too long… I keep on tryin’ ’till I reach the highest ground” – I love it when the iPod is on ‘shuffle’ because it lets the universe play cosmic DJ and send confirming musical hugs.


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