SACRED JOURNEYS: The Year of Change

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This is the 24th year that I’ve had the pleasure to write a Summer Solstice column for ‘Sacred Journeys’ in Vitality. Apple blossoms are raining down in the gentle breeze as I type. I’m aware it is both a huge letting go, and a time of new beginnings, as I present my final offering. During the writing of my previous column (before Covid-19 was on our radar) there was a voice in my head that was on fire with the energy of the year ahead, using the oft-repeated phrase ‘this is the year of change’. That voice now is clear and passionate about many things:
– staying grounded;
– declaring our sovereignty;
– being attentive to our emotional triggers (and letting them go at source);
– remaining calm as we are uprooted this summer and fall;
– caring for our immune system;
– monitoring our time spent on tech devices;
– being mindful of conserving and consuming water.

The intuitive message that I am hearing about grounding has been quite specific, and I have seen the technique mirrored by many sources. The invitation is to connect, through each breath, to our heart, inhaling love. At first, you exhale anything that needs to be ‘out’ (like fear or tension), and when you feel clear, breathe out gratitude. Follow this by envisioning yourself as a larger being in the cosmos. Move from your heart to the source of the Universe (however you visualize that source).

Next, breathe that light and intelligence into your heart, exhale into the central light at the core of our earth, then again inhale to your body, exhale to source, and repeat. From this place, your frequency will be very high, so it’s a good time to declare yourself a sovereign being (I can send you a meditation – see my email address at end).

As a species, we have spent much of our time believing that we are small and separate from the source of life. Today, we are learning to understand we are all One. By practising this orientation, we will be aware of how quickly we can identify and release those thoughts where we are attached, both consciously and unconsciously, to a smaller version of ourselves, and shift into being a co-creator. This is what is called for at this time.

For June and July the astrologers have predicted that we are going to be shocked and challenged in new ways (as we move through ‘eclipse season’). And by the fall, we will be removing our energy from systems and institutions that have a service-to-self agenda, rather than service-to-community.

The sense of uprootedness will be hard on some people and a relief for others, but the astrologers say we should be co-creating new systems by November. And by Spring of 2021, we will be amazed by the shifts we have made together.

This past spring, I was inspired to dig up all my overgrown flower beds and create tidy, well-spaced flower arrangements, and a beautiful, dedicated veggie garden. It was wonderful to get some healthy bacteria on my sanitized hands.

More important was the practice of untangling, revealing, releasing and shifting my thoughts with each plant. As each plant was uprooted and carried to the next bed, I was aware of how the world is also uprooted, during these challenging Covid times, trying to discern what is real or true, and having to learn to trust that we will all land safely in a place that will be deeply nourishing.

For me, there is a central calling to spend more time out on the land, to listen to this powerful voice that is finally reaching my technology-clogged ears. My heart now wants to expand the tea company with a new line of teas, in which local wild and indigenous plants are paired with green and black and chai teas. It feels right to help build our immune system naturally with plants that grow here.

A Cree elder advised that when she gets exhausted from being in service, her elders would give her a cup of Blue Spruce Tip tea to restore her energy. She is so right, and it is delicious. Another elder from out West suggested adding the herb Horsetail to Chaga and Chai for stronger lungs and immunity.

Rather than buy into the production model where there needs to be enough to supply demand, this new line of teas will have a finite amount produced each year, and when it runs out tea drinkers can pre-order for more when it is fresh and available again. Green and sustainable economics is a heart path that cares for the plants, the water system, and the Earth, after all.

Covid is the opportunity we all may have needed to focus on our immune system and on our wholeness and on our relationships with each other and the planet. The word from the Star beings is that the level of compassion on the Earth is dazzling. We are sailing through rough waters to an incredible version of the Earth that is already there waiting for us to rise to meet it. Grounding into the beauty, expressing our hearts, humour, compassion, love and grace unconditionally is all we need to do.

I would love to stay connected to those of you who are drawn to do so, and share the pulse of what we are feeling, and further what we might be able to do together to co-create the world we seek. If you would like to stay in touch, the easiest is to sign up for the e-newsletter at my company site

Signing off, with my heart filled with gratitude to you for lending your ears, and with deep affection to Julia Woodford for her big heart and for being inspired to create Vitality and putting it out into the world for all these decades!

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