Sacred Journeys: Harmonic Convergence

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How Meditation, Intuition, and Manifestation Principles are RelatedThirty years ago, on August 16 and 17, 1987, people from around the world came together for one of the first truly global meditations, known as the Harmonic Convergence. Those who participated, later known as ‘light workers’, connected energetically with each other worldwide and gave permission to the creative source of the universe to lift the veil of forgetfulness and separation.

On a planet of ‘free will’ there can be no outside interference without our request. The ‘call’ that the light workers experienced was a sign that humanity is ready for a new phase of evolution in which we remember our divinity and co-create a world of love, kindness, and compassion. The intention sent out was that humanity would now wake up out of the ego-driven, third dimensional experience of duality and karma, and shift into ‘unity consciousness’.

The ‘answer’ could be experienced as waves of energy that began to wake all of us from our karmic slumber. It has come in stages of awareness that also coincide with a quickening of time as we move closer to the understanding that we are not small beings tossed about by larger forces, but rather we are powerful beings capable of co-creating anything we choose. The shift of consciousness is waking to that realization.

Now we have hit an energetic critical mass, and the energies that are launching the fabled ‘Golden Aeon’ began flowing into our world this summer with the gateway formed by the lunar and solar eclipses in August, opening a stage in our evolution called ‘Particle Convergence’.

The stepped-up energy this summer was most noticeable within the gateway of the eclipses, and these heightened energies will continue through to September 28. For myself, it was noticeable for three days of feeling wildly exhausted, though at the same time on full alert. In this state, I intuitively knew the answer to whatever question I had, and acted on it almost robotically. There was no self-doubt or questioning, just a blend of intuition and action, masculine and feminine. It wasn’t a comfortable feeling, as it seemed directed somehow outside of myself.

Certainly, a shift has taken place. Astrologers understand that Jupiter and Uranus are in opposition until September 28. One astrologer’s oracular message was that Jupiter (in Libra) is all about possibilities and the future, and Uranus (in Aries) is about rolling up our sleeves and making the changes to that future. This is not a time of fear, but a time of mastering fear, lighting the path before us, illuminating the world in which we wish to live. Strong medicine.

The message is – Do not be distracted by the world around us, for that seeming chaos will not impact the work we came here to do. Some of us will experience a new level of forgiveness of those people and stories that are stressful, and surrender to a higher principle directing our lives:‘Let go and let god.’ This resting in the river of change is precisely that, an opportunity to rest from ‘reactions’ and to recharge.

This new stage of evolution that is energetically streaming to us now is one where we ‘know’, absolutely, that the creative force of the universe courses through our bodies and our planet, and that we are the seeds of that creative force. We are powerful creators. The recurring message is that there is unprecedented energetic support for us to create the change we seek and desire. In fact, we can create anything we can imagine, by understanding that we are birthed from within, and are inseparable from the creative force of the universe.

The way forward is to choose a new reality, and co-create it by mastering our thoughts, feelings, and intentions with impeccability.  Solara An-Ra, a Light-worker from England, and fellow dancer at the 11:11 event in Sedona six years ago, offered this wise guidance during the August solar eclipse, from an Arcturian council with which she works: “Choosing positive thoughts, visualizations, and affirmations on a continual basis is more powerful than any other methodologies in the transformation which you desire in your heart of hearts…Together you will manifest a future reality which serves not only Earth people, but all of creation.”

My cells have had decades of programming from me, saying that life is hard and there is not enough power in me alone to make a big difference. But now, feeling inspired, I greet the morning saying such wonderful things as: “I am a self-healing body, mind, and spirit, living in a kind, co-operative, and loving world, who finds inspiration and community effortlessly.”

On other mornings, I am visualizing revitalization of the judicial system into a Council of Grandmothers. As I hold these visions and feel them woven into the world, I reset my loving and attentive cells to a new world.  Shadow work, which comes from cleaning the physical and emotional body, is a natural result of altering the old beliefs we have been foisting onto ‘our-cellves’. We will talk about this more in the fall. Most importantly, this is a profoundly supportive time to embrace our teachers in all their forms, with each transformative deep breath, and send our dreams out onto the path before us with each loving exhale.

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