Sacred Journeys – September 2012

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Sacred Journeys“To reinvent humanity, you must be courageous and bold. Walk the path that calls to you. Nevermind convention, expectations from others or old ways of being. Allow yourself to actually become new. To do and be different.”
Life at the Ideafrontier, Meredith Murphy

The above quote arrived in a morning email. I love its potency, as though the voice is speaking to me from behind, into my ear, guiding the determination of my step forward. Not everyone would understand its meaning perhaps, but you readers are attuned to the changes that are taking place in the world right now. We are reinventing humanity, one being at a time, and we are all having quite the ride!

This summer, I was thinking quietly to myself that I was getting off fairly easy, compared to many around me who were dealing with huge, gut-wrenching, ego-pounding, fear-evoking, life-altering ‘events.’ I knew that we had a busy summer and fall ahead, clearing old beliefs, judgments, and thought patterns that were preventing us from letting our light shine brighter. It appeared that my role was to assist, rather than get another wallop. But then July and August arrived with livelihood challenges, friendships vaporizing, health issues, and a host of other shocks and surprises that helped to dust me off and get my priorities straight. Lots of forgiveness going on.

The other day, I had created an altar of sorts on the kitchen table to get clear and call myself ‘in’ to the circle so that I could try to get answers and assistance with some difficult decisions. Calling in my higher self, I became aware that I was definitely not alone. Near me were other beings, that I could sense outside me and feel inside. These proved not to be visitors, but in fact parallel versions of myself, co-existing outside of time, living their own lives. The ‘decision’ that was coming up for me, was doing so because it was connected to situations in these other lifetimes that were impacting the ‘now’ moment I was having in the kitchen. All of the expressions of myself, some were men, some children, were somehow forcing this situation I was dealing with, and by bringing all of them with me to the decision, I was somehow impacting all these other expressions. That was very important for me to sense, if even for a moment. It helped me come to understand that these challenges we are facing now are not random, or a sign of our weakness, but important opportunities for us to address them again in an evolved way. By sensing all the fear and abandonment or dishonour or whatever is coming up, we honour those feelings. If we can bear witness to them from a neutral, calm and balanced place, these challenging events begin to tell their story and are just as easily released. They no longer linger as old beliefs, judgments or thought patterns, creating lots of space for new light, new ideas, new co-creations. The charge is gone, because we were able to witness them without being charged ourselves.

The apocalypse of 2012 is not about earthquakes and disasters, but rather the collapse of the illusion of separation from ourselves, from each other, from all that is. The more we take that middle ground, witness without angst, but with compassion, we neutralize the drama outside in the world.

If the European banks collapse, and we remain calm, the fiat banking system will be replaced with a gold backed system that is waiting to replace the out-moded and unfair fiat currencies. If we don’t react to the fear mongering that is trying to get the war machine going again, it is rendered powerless and we move closer to the new world.

We are all connected – woven bodies of light consciousness – and the more we work with love, and with the new light energy emanating from the solar flares, and this place we are aligning with in the universe, the more our collective consciousness becomes aware of itself and begins co-creating the new earth. Big job, and I suspect we all came here for just that reason. Not everyone is aware of this interpretation of events. Some are suffering through everything that is coming up for them, and we can be there for those people with love and compassion. is an impressive global non-profit organization that has been doing extraordinary work for years, and is offering ‘rites of passage’ (beginning Sept 23), a weekly meditation for 12 weeks leading up to the completion of the Mayan calendar and our alignment with the great central sun. You will be rolling up your sleeves and participating in different exercises, holding specific light, moving inside sacred geometry, who knows what, but it will be real and you’ll get the contact high to know you were working hard. There is a vast gathering of unseens working with the hosts, none of whom seek recognition. I love their work for its power and how clean it feels. I recommend it both for yourself as a point of focus and grounding this fall, and as an important opportunity to consciously participate in the reinvention of humanity. It is the reason we came here, and I for one, want to be awake and part of the light show!

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