Sacred Journeys: Prepare for a Year of Radical Transformation

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The cosmic homework at this time of year is to choose which seeds or beliefs we will nurture and which we will stop feeding. Be prepared for the shifts.

Well, here we are – approaching the spring 2018 Equinox already! This is a year that, by many accounts, is going to be full of profound change and new beginnings – both personally and in the world around us. It is all thanks to Saturn.

The true new year began on the day after winter solstice (Dec. 21, 2017) when we moved toward summer and the returning of the light. In the stars, this occurs precisely when the sun moves into Capricorn (zero degrees). Each planet is also ‘ruled’ by a zodiac sign, a place where it is most powerful. Saturn also crossed into Capricorn (its place of power) just as the sun crossed, and will be dramatically influencing the landscape for the next three years.

Saturn represents what is definable, such as laws and institutions, as well as the structure of our personal beliefs, including the moral boundaries we choose to uphold.

A second and more familiar Saturnian influence is evident as the new year begins and we move toward the spring equinox, we reflect on what is working in our lives and what we need to change, because as the wise adage says ‘what we believe, we feed’. The cosmic homework at this time of year is to choose which seeds or beliefs we will nurture and which we will stop feeding. Be prepared for the shifts.

With Saturn blasting us with energy for redefining and birthing solid new beginnings, as we look at what is and is not working in our lives we may find ourselves, for example, coming home and feeling tired of preparing meals for family members who barely look up from their mobile devices. Once we announce that we are not doing it this way anymore, we will plant the seeds for a new way of approaching food and family time in our homes.

Of course, if you turn up differently, some feathers will be ruffled. You could experience being rejected, challenged, ridiculed and even abandoned. That’s where you choose your personal sovereignty over being bulldozed by the status quo. New boundaries mean structuring your life differently, choosing a new path.

I have lately been doing meditations in which I repeat a vision of what I am creating in my life and feel the truth of it. Life is manifesting my visions in the physical word in a profound and swift manner under the present stellar influence. I am noticing that those relationships and pathways around me that do not reflect my empowered vision, simply crumble. I am having to be clear about my boundaries, what I find acceptable and what I do not (again, it ruffles feathers when you turn up differently). Likewise, if you are seeing that your feathers are being ruffled, you need to look at what is making you insecure, and what aspect of this change is a sign you have not been turning up for others in the best version of you.

For example, lately I am being made aware of how I give my power away by playing the role of a peacemaker at the expense of my own sovereignty. My own feathers get ruffled when I see that I am not standing up for myself. That is the underlying truth of always being the peacemaker. I have not stated my truth in order to avoid conflict or hurting others. That does not actually serve anyone, and that is a hard lesson to learn. So, by recognizing it and standing my ground, I have changed dramatically a number of key relationships as their feathers are ruffled.

This will, in turn, bring shift in their lives. This is the year to make shifts, to do some housecleaning of all the seeds, beliefs, wobbly boundaries you have been enabling, that actually do not serve the sovereign new you. Saturn’s astrological influence is helping you get out there and walk your talk.

If you are not sure what new seeds you would like to plant in your life, begin by just becoming comfortable mindfully observing the current energies. That way, you will respect what is going on, and see or understand how you can shift your life by working with the energies and being aware that what you believe you feed.

When Colette Baron-Reid does her free online card reading each week, she asks “What can we learn for our highest good working with the energies of this week?” ( ) That is a great way to stay focused on being available to what might be presenting itself to you on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

One of the most powerful ways to work with manifesting is through the ancient practice of sankalpa. This form of meditation is a way of embracing a sacred vow deep into your body and your subconscious where it will take root and truly change the energetic landscape of your life. Here is a link to a good description of guiding yourself into a sankalpa meditation, but understand there are many ways to practice this meditation. (My partner can attest to the results.)

As we sail toward the Spring Equinox – setting intentions, planting seeds of change – we will be buoyed along with Saturn’s wind in our sails. The clearer you are about what you want, the swifter the change will show up.

Kim Elkington is the founder of the new wild@heart line of gourmet teas blended with organic wildcrafted Canadian herbs. For info visit:, or email Kim:

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