Sacred Journeys: How to Manifest the Life You Want This Year

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(Updated February 17, 2021)

Tuning into the earth’s cycles can inspire our creative work and keep our lives ‘in the flow’. Spring offers an energetic opportunity to commit to our personal journey – particularly those intentions and beliefs that we choose to nourish this coming year. The process includes being aware of what we choose not to ‘grow’ in the garden of our story lines.

A friend was describing a group she is working with, the members of which all met through a workshop. They are helping each other remove their masks and reveal to each other the worst thing they have done that the masks have protected. She laughed and said it was wonderfully liberating, sort of like taking your clothes off in front of others, and then choosing exactly which clothes to put back on.

That is a perfect exercise to be doing in the spring. It is reminiscent of the April rains that wash off the growth inhibitors coating seeds within the ground. Once naked, they can begin to send shoots into the light and transform themselves into beautiful new plants.

Spring’s gift can be the inspiration to practice magical transformations in our own lives. For me, five years have passed since my mom died, and there have been many gentle adjustments to my orientation as my story line adapts to such a deep change. Some of the changes involve a return of the energy that was spent as a caregiver for five years, and also a surprising sense of freedom from ‘expectations’ as a daughter, be they real or imagined.

So I am ripe for weaving a new story for  myself this spring that is a reflection of who I now am. The magical part of the weaving, the creative art form, feels like a combination of learning what I want to manifest and remembering how to create my intentions in the world.

A basic principle with which we are all familiar is the law of attraction: like attracts like. An assumption of that principle is that the universe gives us an unlimited supply of subatomic particles with which to create our lives on a daily basis.

What New Things Would You Like to Manifest this Year?

First step – we must know what we want to manifest.  This can be challenging if we limit ourselves, which is evident if we find limitations in our life. We can often feel we are close, and yet what we want is not manifesting.

To bypass limiting beliefs we might begin at the end. Imagine you have died and are looking back at your incarnation. Ask yourself what was the one thing you really wanted to do? What message or gift did you want to share? If that answer is not clear, ask what made you the happiest in life, or when did you feel the most engaged? These are great reminders of your gifts and strengths.

“I fall in love with people’s passion… the way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love and the way they fill with light.” (Author unknown)

Looking from this higher perspective of our life passion can help us manifest the specific things we want, like a job or a new home or whatever our specific intentions are. Creating from within this larger story line aids in the transference of energy from our unseen self, or higher self, to our physical manifestations. It is akin to relaxing into an expanded version of ourselves which allows the flow of more unseen creative energy to aid in our weaving.

Many of us are caught up in where we find ourselves right now. But spring is a great time to reassess and ask: “What are three new things I would like to manifest for myself this season?”

The Role of Intention and Meditation

Once we know what we want to manifest in our story line the real alchemy begins. Visualizing what we want in detail gives it a form. Meditating on how it feels to be experiencing this new reality gives the visualization a magnetic charge.

According to researchers, when we plant a seed (intention) in the field of creation, it begins to transform from an idea into a vibrational reality, and the subatomic particles can then begin to transform the idea into form. By holding the frequency of the original intention it will move toward us as its creator. It is a big weaving.

There is quantum physics at work here, which books like Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief can demystify. Cognitive biologists suggest we are only using between 3% and 5% of our brain. Perhaps our ability to create reality is akin to a manifestation ‘muscle’ that we’ve forgotten we possess, that requires exercise on our part to get back into shape.

I was given a great example recently of how to get comfortable with trusting our ability to manifest: When you go to bed at night, set an intention to have a deep, restful sleep and to wake refreshed. If you want to get clarity on an issue, ask for that as well. Do this every night. You will begin to not only have an abundance of good sleeps, but also receive insights into your inquiries. You will begin to trust your ability to set intentions and get results.

Start small. Once you truly trust your ability to connect to creation and manifest answers, the self doubt and masks fall away, and a life story architect is born. May much happiness and love grow in your spring garden.

Kim Elkington is the co-founder of The Algonquin Tea Co, a line of quality teas made from organic wildcrafted Canadian herbs. These days, Kim works with Local Sustainably Wild-picked Canadian herbs to make organic herbal, black, green and chai tea blends. Find these products online:, or Email Kim at:

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