Sacred Journeys – October 2014

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Creating a New World with Heart

It is always wonderful to hear back from readers who find themselves responding to similar energetic currents and having similar experiences. We are releasing old stories and finding a new inspiring inner balance that expresses as increased love of self. I wrote last month about taking a trip to challenge my body, and how it transformed the way I move through my life. Many of you wrote that you were also drawn to addressing your relationship with your physical body in some way; finding yourselves on ‘quests’ or finding the time to meditate and ground the energetic currents through your bodies in a very conscious manner.

It feels as though we need to balance our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies with our physical bodies, to bring all expressions of ourselves into balance. Each of us channels our personal creativity differently. In my case I had been undervaluing the strength and agility of my body since I was a kid, because I had imprinted old stories about how others were more naturally gifted at sport. All nonsense, but those are the sorts of old stories we have been releasing lately so that we can let our full potential come into harmony.

The equinox arrived this fall with a new moon in Libra, which means we are being supported energetically to find that balance within ourselves and the world.

One reader shared a great story. Meetings at her job had been getting highly charged and mean. She  kept a cool head and held her cards close, but it was still frustrating to watch people in authority abuse their rights. Rather than be upset she chose to meditate later on the people in the meeting, and visualize them bathed in love. It worked. Within days everyone had apologized to each other and the meetings flowed.

She chose to express her newfound love for the world, birthed from a love of self, with those around her. She opened her heart and melted the trapped emotional stories that others held in their bodies. This is an example of how we can bring change, not only to personal experiences, but to the world around us, by sending love from a place of balance. The change came because others were also feeling the need to let go of old stories that blocked their hearts, and it created an energetic opportunity to let them melt away.

While we are experiencing this unfolding personally, we are also coming together in large numbers socially, mobilizing for change. The best example is the climate change marches around the world recently, organized by All of us who signed petitions for climate change issues, such as pesticides or divesting out of oil and gas, were inspired to physically meet in the streets, and we will continue to do so with increasing numbers until we get the job done.

It is a big job. The earth is out of balance and we seek to stabilize her temperature and atmosphere, to shine our light on an old story we have been ignoring, and write a new story for the earth. We feel empowered by each other’s resolve, and we are coming together around loving and respecting the earth. These are the same feelings we are daring to have about ourselves, and by healing ourselves we are finding a way to heal the macrocosm. Some people are feeling exhausted, but nothing is impossible. In fact, the world has been waiting for each of us to turn up.

In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring, a pivotal book about how pesticide use was going to kill (silence) the birds. At that time the chemical companies doing the spraying pumped out disinformation to cover up the truth of it. Within a few years her book was a film and a seed was born that grew into the Environmental Protection Agency. Her work came into the public eye as Pluto (evolution) and Uranus (revolution) were conjunct in the early 1960’s. Now they are meeting again between 2012 and March of 2015.  The revolutionary seed that was planted in the 60’s has turned into a worldwide movement where corporate CEOs are walking the streets with their families feeling the same moral imperative to protect the planet. This week, after the world climate march, the RBF, a philanthropic organization set up by the sons of oil baron John D. Rockefeller, took 861 million dollars out of oil and gas and put it into renewable energies. So nothing is impossible.

This is a new world we are waking into, with new energies and opportunities, and we are feeling urged to write new stories for ourselves. As we come into balance, more authentically ourselves, we discover our power and potential to expand into the world, aligned and confident to make ‘it’ happen.. Bottom line is we are loving ourselves more, and remembering that we are beings of light, in form. It is part of our evolution, and the revolution that is urging us on.

Others have asked how we can make a change. Some of you may know Canada is one of a handful of countries that have not recognized our right as citizens to clean air, clean water and pesticide-free food. Many in the world feel this is the place to start. So how do we expand our country’s awareness to bring about this change? I recommend getting involved with Suzuki’s tour, which is focused on this important collective shift. It is an important step to co-creating a new earth together. The world is just waiting for us to show up.

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