Sacred Journeys – November 2016

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Sacred Journeys


I recently treated myself to a private session with a wonderful and evolved life coach / channeller from California, who has been an inspiration to many for over a decade.* I had prepared a series of questions about different topics which addressed not only my own evolution, but also how all of us can choose to navigate this potent point in time.

At the core of the session that ensued was a mutual understanding that the frequency on the planet has indeed risen, and will continue to do so; that this rise in frequency is enabling humanity to shift from a simplified expression of embodiment to one of mastery; that our emerging ‘mastery’ comes about from being aligned with our higher divine self; that from an evolutionary perspective our spiritual expression is merging with our material form.

Heady stuff for sure, but these kinds of conversations are so enlivening! I would like to share how we navigated these concepts and, as well, some potential tools for charting these changes in ourselves and society.

The first was an understanding that when we are in divine alignment, or in alignment with our higher or authentic self, we thrive and evolve. But how do we know if we are aligned?

Love, Will, and Truth are aspects of our divinity or higher self, and we can sense how well we are aligned based on those aspects. When we are aligned with our divine Will, we feel confident about how to do something and are motivated to take action; but when we have fallen out of alignment, we feel there is something wrong with us. When aligned with Love, we feel our own divinity and have the confidence to express love; and when we are not aligned, we feel shame. When we are aligned with our Truth, we trust our ‘knowing’, and when out of alignment the very same sentiment expresses as self doubt or having to ask others for confirmation.

I asked the coach a question about my mom. Since she died in May, I have certainly thought about her, but have not been reaching out to talk to her spirit. I felt she had transformed into a vast version of herself that was no longer just my mom, and felt she did not need me to feed her spirit.  However, I wanted to ensure I was not ‘intellectualizing’ my feelings and ignoring her reaching out to me. The swift answer from the channeller was: “Of course, she is fine,” and yes, she is transformed and vast. What was interesting was that I had doubted my intuitive knowing (5D) that she did not need anything from me. My doubt was a sign of being out of alignment with my divine self, which is the alignment of mastery that humanity is being offered now.

So, a second tool for navigating these changes is to imagine that we have been existing in a third-dimensionally oriented world for centuries (3D), but of late, over the past 60 years, we have increasingly been exercising more of a fourth dimensional perspective (4D). This rise in frequency is inspiring us further into the perspective of the master, aligned with the divine self, known as (5D).

A third dimensional perspective is one where we came into the world to learn. It can be in the role of student, vassal, victim or teacher. We are not in control, but rather are at the mercy of larger forces. Typically, our god is outside ourselves and we work hard to earn whatever we have acquired. This is a world of polarity, of good and bad, right and wrong. In a fourth dimensional perspective, we no longer see ourself as a victim, but we now see things and systems as broken and needing to be fixed, healed, or corrected.

Fourth dimensional living is being aware we have choices, and intuition, but we are just learning (3D) to recognize when our energy patterns are out of alignment. We still see ourselves in a polarity, but it is now between those who are awake and those who are asleep. Many were attracted to the healing arts because of this shift in consciousness.

The energy, now, is inviting a fifth dimensional consciousness where we choose what we wish to experience, and it happens. In 5D, we are no longer in a state of separation: our body from our spirit; ourselves from each other; humanity from nature; nature from source. We ‘know’ and explore from a state of alignment with our divinity. We know ourselves to be extraordinary integrated beings, and know that so too, is everyone else.

In a fifth dimensional consciousness, nothing is broken. If you are a healer, you do the treatment on the sore leg, but you know they are actually fine and ‘knowing’ that fact, your energy heals. Throughout the day, you will find yourself shifting between these perspectives, and it is so interesting to watch yourself and see how your orientation is changing. Eckhart Tolle and Joel Goldsmith would use different language, but the principle is the same.

Being in alignment with our divinity, our 5D version, will get easier as we begin to recognize the signs and feel more natural; however it is a dramatically different perspective. If we do what we love and follow our instincts, it will be much easier to stay in that new groove.

This year and next we will witness the old 3D version of reality, where having to ‘earn’ and ‘deserve’ increasingly loses its hierarchical ‘hold’, while more of the world will shift into healing ‘old world’ wounds (4D), and others will choose to co-create a new world full of wondrous beings who are discovering and manifesting that possibility (5D).

(*Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira)

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