Sacred Journeys: The Glorious Healing Power of Nature

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It has been a long time since the month of November has arrived with such an energetic burst of spring-like renewal and optimism. I think the last time was when Obama was first elected, and we knew that, with an Afro-American as the team captain, our southern neighbour was saying ‘yes’ to looking fear and prejudice squarely in the face and changing the status quo.

Now here in Canada, we are dusting ourselves off after an election that has had that same remarkable groundswell of collective intention towards change. It has only been a few weeks since Trudeau was elected, but every time I register that we have a new government I am stunned and happy all over again. It still feels like waking up in a fairy tale where a spell has been broken. Yes it can be a long and challenging road prompting people to question, and perhaps change, core beliefs – especially when those beliefs are based in fear, but a majority of people were reading the signs and able to shift the balance, enabling a new story to be created.

Perhaps the best part of the story is that the spell was broken by each of us, collectively. The desired change, brought about as a result of the election, is the product of years of hard work by volunteers, from all parties, reaching out to educate voters on the issues that matter to them.

For many years, this has not been a Canada that many of us recognized anymore. We were no longer seen by the world as the peace-keepers, liberal thinkers, explorers, innovators, or as a kind and generous people. Instead our policies have been judgmental, constricting, corporate- and fear-based. Perhaps the best way to sum up the way the world sees Canada now can be demonstrated by this personal anecdote.

I remember a friend at a dinner party once cried out, “Canada used to be cool – like Sweden or Iceland. Now we’re as republican as Texas!” We all laughed at the time, but the results of the election showed that none of us were willing to accept that notion – or that sullied global reputation – for another term.

My mom, in her 90th year, has barely been able to get across the street lately, due to feeling poorly. Yet, on election day, she felt energized and raring to go. She described the long-suffering, collective ‘spell’ as evaporating like a release of trapped ‘emotional’ energy.

So I thank all the volunteers and delegates who helped us remember that a good life is a co-creative community affair. As the spell broke, we were resurrected from a place of fear and limitation, and now we can get to work co-creating cool communities – ones that are filled with kindness and creativity.

During the week of the election, a beautiful little soul was born into the world upstairs in my guest room. In attendance were two midwives and a gathering of friends downstairs quietly singing songs and offering their energy to the miracle taking place in the room above. Nothing says ‘new beginnings’ like a new life.

Now the new mom is eating all organic foods, mostly local, so that her daughter is getting nothing but wholesome nourishment from her breast milk. This new little Canadian is clearly off to a good start.

I have been thinking about the world that this little girl was just born into, and I feel she will see changes in her lifetime that those who came before her have only dreamed of. She won’t be asking her dad for the keys to a gas-fueled car. She may have fewer clothes but nice ones, made perhaps by people she knows, but certainly not manufactured in sweat shops. She will feel equal to her male, female, and transgender friends. She will know where all her food comes from and be able to access a wide variety of delicious organic local foods at home and in restaurants. She will be able to take her children to clinics that use a variety of healing modalities. Her virtual money and credits will exist in a co-op bank that only charges 1% in fees, and supports community projects.

I imagine that, by the time she is in her 40s, she will know what the Antarctic looks like without snow, will be able to take courses at university for developing intuition, and will be teased by friends for having not visited the dance club on the space station. She will have clean water to drink and it will be considered a sacred part of life, like the clean air and clean oceans. Oh, what fun.

The way I’m feeling today, I think we can start creating her future right now because there is nothing holding us back except some old fears and limitations – and those have just been magically zapped away. The new body politic is about embodying the change in our own lives.

Sounds cool to me.

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