Sacred Journeys – November 2012

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Sacred JourneysThank you all for the inspired and inspiring emails over the last few months. It is so lovely for me to connect and sense the family that we are, especially during this amazing journey (wild ride) we are on. The experience right now can definitely take us to great heights and then plunge us into some dense and tight places, then zoom us into a straight-away where we can reassess. Those straight-aways are where I realize that, despite the speed and intensity of my experiences, I am actually negotiating it all from a calm, somewhat removed, still place. Better yet, I can see that I can honour the experiences, regardless of what form they take, because I am learning to trust that the ride itself is designed to propel me forward into my future self. Every twist and turn is an opportunity to open my heart to greater love, compassion, gratitude and ultimate joy.

Even when death and illness are part of the journey, as it is for many of us right now, we can shift outside time and space, and connect to the cosmic intelligence, to the ocean of love, which we enter through the stillness. Ideally I am trying to have one foot in that world at all times, stillness like a living prayer.

I was recently asked about what I find most helpful to find and maintain the still place during these intense times. November, astrologically speaking, looks like the month where we will be collectively raising our arms and shouting ‘Enough!’ Election fraud and some riots, here and there, might be part of the picture. For those of us preferring to disengage from the chaos, we can instead shift, almost imperceptibly, into our still place, where our actions are in response to the question: ‘What would love do now?’

Returning to tools for coping with ‘death and illness,’ I would begin by recommending the CD called Crossing Over by Red and the Council of Elders (705-924-3852 It is a compassionate account of the process of transitioning ‘back to where we actually exist full time’. It details the loving process that the cells of the body undergo to release our spirits. In sudden violent deaths, our spirits, rather than our bodies, are in charge of this process of letting go. It is very beautifully described in the CD, and greatly assists in releasing fears around death and dying.

Also helpful is holding a perspective of eternity, and our place in it. For myself, the vision of what I am, when not in a body, has become an enormous part of how I move through the day. I am not in my body looking up and out, separate from the cosmic intelligence, but rather I am a being of light within that ocean of love and light. I envision/remember that I am vast and bright like the sun, and have chosen to send a tendril of light down to the surface of Gaia, where her evolving soul offered me (and my parents) the form to express myself here. All the fear and misery I experience here is an expression of the separation I feel from that larger truth. So much of my life is about remembering that agreement, and living from there/here. If I can paraphrase Rumi: we are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a single drop.

Equally important in these challenging times is grounding that perspective into daily life. There are three elements for me, to grounding myself. I align my physical body with my energy body through visualizations, ‘clear’ all the messy things as they come up, and shift back into the stillness of my heart.

Naturally, visualizations and meditations are individual preferences. My favourites involve aligning with the centre of the earth, into the higher consciousness of the earth herself, then running my awareness up through my own chakras and then up into Alcyone, our central sun, and then the centre of the Milky way galaxy. I run prana, get into my heart and into my merkabah, or light body. Do what feels right. If you are interested in some guidance around this, I can recommend Drunvalo’s work, taught locally in Toronto. (

Clearing what comes up is becoming a daily exercise. The simplest is the Hawaiian teaching of Ho’oponopono. This is translated to: ‘I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you’: send love, take responsibility, feel compassion and gratitude, and feel the joy of acknowledging and releasing whatever presented itself. I have taken to inviting all of my past lives and all of my ancestors to hold hands (I hold my hands open and they get very hot!) and we connect hearts and look each one in the eye and say these words to each other and I say it to myself, until it feels like we have released any hurt or fear or anger or weirdness that was hidden anywhere and being passed on. Again, this is just my story. Ask for your own direction and guidance.

A fourth way I like to ground is to connect into the crystalline grid, or the group avatar. It is a way of grounding into our light body and unity consciousness through group meditations. I liken it to tapping into inter-dimensional  love-ins. Besides, that is what this lifetime is all about, being in our bodies and evolving our consciousness, together! Peace.

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