Sacred Journeys – May 2014

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Spring is a time of great potency in the yearly cycle; waking from the soul searching of the winter rest; applying this new wisdom to releasing old beliefs that have not borne fruit; planting new seeds; and the birth of new possibilities. Each spring is different from the last, because it is not so much a circle as a spiral. As we know, each day we are offered an unlimited number of subatomic particles to create our life, and as we return to a point on the cycle, like spring, we can see the changes within ourselves and the world since our last visit. We have had a long winter of introspection and potential for change.

The fulcrum shift I feel within myself can be physically witnessed in how all my family and friends are whenever we come together. Each of us seems much changed each time, and our relationships are shifting and deepening. Old defining stories, both personal and inter-personal,  are disappearing, changing dynamics. Fabulous relationships are getting even better. We seem to be reading each other’s thoughts and desires far more often. In fact we are coming to accept the miraculous synchronicities as being a simple sign that we are in the flow. We seem to be following our impulses and discovering later that we were all having similar impulses that were orchestrating some perfect outcome. If I could describe it, I would say it feels like we are getting out of the way and allowing life to show up. Not defining it, but allowing it, and allowing ourselves to respond openly in each moment.

One example that comes to mind occurred at a recent gathering to celebrate and energize our mutual friend who is facing a major illness. We had not prepared for the event in any way. We just knew the date, and each of us listened to our hearts as to what we could offer to the day. The recipient had said privately to one of us that she would love energy work, to participate in a Dance of Universal Peace, and some singing. Apparently we all heard her wishes somehow, as we arrived bearing just the right gifts.

Everyone was prepared to co-facilitate in offering love and energy work in some fashion. We were a large group so it was thought best to have one hold our friend’s head, another to ground the feet and a third to sweep the body using therapeutic touch. The rest sat around those working and opened their hearts, sending love to the friend in need and to the group. In silence we co-existed, inseparable, in a great bowl of love.

One of those in attendance had felt compelled to bring ribbons and scissors. It was clearly a perfect addition, since the friend who was receiving the energy found that there were some old beliefs she had carried about for decades that her body wanted to release. Two people by her side helped her cut the ribbons along with each self-limiting belief from which she was being un-tethered.

Another in the group had also felt inspired to bring an amethyst necklace to store our collective goodwill. That way, the friend could access us whenever she felt separated in her healing journey ahead.

Synchronistically, two of the group also arrived with offerings of songs and dances. So later we moved into a larger room, where they led the group in the Dances of Universal Peace They had chosen a beautiful song that had us weaving through each other while singing about love and friendship. I should mention here that not all of us who knew the friend knew each other, and two of these were visiting from Israel.

Another guest suggested they next choose a dance, to honour our travelers. They chose ‘Shalom’. When we completed the dance, the Israeli shared how she had recently befriended a gentleman in her moshav as she walked her dog. He had said he wrote music, but likely she would not know his music. She encouraged him to tell her more, and he mentioned  ‘Shalom’, which she knew from listening to a Harry Belafonte record as a child, and now here it was, the song we danced to her in welcome.

Another guest offered up a deeper understanding of the passage of the planets we were undertaking this spring, beginning with the lunar eclipse, followed by the grand cardinal cross, and the solar eclipse. This is a time of great change and transformation, a deepening into being yourself, releasing what is not you, and living from the heart. We were certainly doing that as a group.

Each of us can find evidence these days illustrating that as we hold love in our hearts, we link to each other. As a result, we respond intuitively to that larger loving consciousness. This is where the magic of spring lives, in the loving seeds we hold in our hearts that are growing communities of support and expansive spirals of possibilities.

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