Sacred Journeys – May 2011

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As this column has been focused recently on 2012, let’s explore the future evolution of sexuality, and how we might enjoy working with sexual energy to co-create a new Earth. Sex in the new earth will be sacred. At first that might sound like a pious affair that is so respectful it lacks spontaneity and wondrous orgasms. This is a normal conclusion, since many of our religions and societies have separated spirituality and sexuality. Sex over the centuries has often been a duty to king and country to supply workers for the farm and fighters for the army; been performed between sheets that separated the lovers from meeting skin to skin; or dutifully, as Victorian women sometimes exclaimed “close your eyes and think of England.” Even the medieval Hindu and Jain temples in Khajuraho, India, that are covered in carved erotic poses, represent a letting go of the everyday sexual appetites as one enters the temples.

Perhaps the closest practice to sacred sexuality has been the ancient art of Tantra, where the universal energy, stimulated by sexual practice, can be directed consciously into different organs of the body to bring health and vitality to the whole person.

Utilizing the universal energy through sex is a wonderful start, and one we can begin exploring right away, on our own, or with partners. But it is only the beginning. Deeper still is a sexual practice that consciously brings our cosmic self into our body to dance with the cosmic self of our partner, while linking with the earth’s energy at the same time.

For guidance on this topic I turned to the always enlightening Council of Elders channeled through Krow. The council are fond of reminding us that we are deeply loved; that we co-create the universe we experience with our thoughts, beliefs and feelings; that we are not separated from the future we wish to live in, we merely have to believe it. The “merely” part means moving through the layers of belief and cultural blueprints that influence how and what we believe. Consciously or unconsciously, all of us are being provided, these days, with opportunities to move deeper into self love and discovery of our connection to each other, our collective Oneness. Sacred sexuality is a means of deepening that experience.

“When you learn that your soul can merge with another, you connect to the creator. This a path toward world peace. The origin of this universe is itself an opening of the divine feminine (possibilities) to the spark of the divine masculine. This is the divine nature of our universe, so if you sense this even for a moment in this lifetime, you will become aware of yourself as a part of the creator. You will know in that moment you are a soul, that you are eternal. You are freed of the fears and doubt of the social constraints. You are aware that you are one with the universe and an individual within it. You know at that moment that all on the earth plane are capable of this same feeling/ knowing.” (Sacred Sex CD by Council of Elders)

Self love is the best place to start. Connect in to the kundalini energy of the earth, drawing it up through your feet, and then draw your soul self down into your body to merge with the earth energy and fill with love. Visualize being like a plant, whose roots are reaching into the earth while being nourished also by the love of the sun and rain. That perfection, that symphony of union, of purpose and celebration, is truly orgasmic. You are the song that expresses as you, when all these elements, divine masculine and feminine, merge through you and co-create that loving light. If you’re with a partner, never lose the love you are sharing with them.

Casual sex can be fun, but it’s not sacred and it rarely brings more light into the world. Sacred sex is about feeling the love and deepening our link to the Oneness, and by that linking, sharing that energy with our collective awareness on the earth. Mutually beneficial indeed. Happy Spring.

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