Sacred Journeys – Reweaving the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine

Re-weaving divine masculine and sacred feminine, we nurture the feminine and heal the damaged masculine.

In the weeks leading up to Spring Equinox on March 20, I have been thinking about what we have been manifesting in our gardens over this past year. Usually, whatever we are working on personally seems to show itself out in the world.

Since this time last year, when I seeded and manifested new love in the form of a relationship, my personal growth has been focused on nurturing and deepening self love. I have also been diving into the chalice of truth-telling: that liberating and intoxicating nectar that lets you admit to another what you may not have admitted to yourself. So what I grew in my own garden this last season was a re-blooming of the sacred feminine within myself. It sounds easy and full of butterflies and sunbeams, but of course it was deliciously challenging, full of surprises and hard truths. However, there were also butterflies landing lightly in the challenging bits. In the process, I shifted from playing Cinderella (in service to something other than myself) to being a queen (self-nurturing, expansive, and confident).

In many ways, a similar story has been unfolding in the world. Challenged by illness, and loss of all kinds, we discovered and nurtured places of strength deep within. Faced with a world filled with unrecognizable violence and fear-mongering, we reached out and offered our love by helping those refugees under siege. We did it individually, and we reached out as a country, demanding that it reflect who we are as well.

I would call this a return of the sacred feminine into our society. That is what we grew in our gardens last year – our ability to love and nurture, and also to give it form.

To clarify the terms ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ here: each of us utilizes both masculine and feminine energy each day. The divine or healthy masculine is often referred to as spirit, or light. It is the doing, zooming, inspiring energy of good will. It animates and enlivens the sacred feminine, which can be called soul, the energy that lovingly creates and nurtures form out of the dark matter.

Over time however, there has been a preference for a damaged masculine that is no longer co-creating with a nurturing feminine, but is interested instead in control through fear. It expresses itself as patriarchy, chauvinism, and a dominance of males over females in the world’s power structures, and in role-playing by the sexes.

Clearly, we are evolving back to the re-weaving of the divine masculine and sacred feminine, co-creating a new culture that co-exists with nature. We have to do that in order to survive. So I believe that this coming year, for me, will involve learning to embody being a queen, a strong nurturing feminine, without the association of controlling others. This means healing the damaged masculine that has been running wild and unchecked in the form of big pharma, big banks, mono-culture agriculture, war, arms races, etc.

In the world, then, this is the year in which we will see the public witnessing of the damaged masculine, and the call for it to become vulnerable and sensitive, which is vital to its expansion and growth. It is time for the masculine force to, once again, be an inspiration and seek out the nurturing strength of the healing feminine.

It is no accident that, in one of the most influential countries in the world, Donald Trump is weighing in publicly as the damaged masculine. He is seeding fears of Syrians, Mexicans, and even liberated women, when we all know that the opposite way – that of love and community – is what we need to nourish now. At the same time, he is independent of the old boys’ club; he’s self-made, so will be attacking the damaged masculine each time he opens his mouth. It will be an interesting and important debate that will likely bring great change and shifts as cracks are discovered, old wounds exposed, and alternatives raised.

I am grateful that we in Canada now find ourselves with a leader who represents the evolved, truthful, and vulnerable masculine energy. It means that we can begin to leave behind hierarchies and chauvinism, and evolve into a new way of being together. However, we have a lot of work to do in this country. Hundreds of years ago, invading explorers came here and imposed their patriarchal system on the native peoples. Yet those peoples had been lovingly  nourishing the masculine energies for generations, lovingly protecting them through a circle of elders and grandmothers. These elders raised their talking stick, when needed, and had the final say. This was a system of checks and balances.

The (current) imposed broken state is evidenced in too many aboriginal children in foster care, while missing and murdered indigenous women exist within a system that does not protect them. We will work on exploring this during the year ahead.

As we grow a garden designed to heal the broken patriarchal systems, we will see more stories of young girls surviving violence and being supported by the larger community, girls who are ready to rewrite and re-envision a world  that honours what the feminine represents, so that it can exist powerfully in the world again. How women are treated worldwide is our canary in the tunnel; it shows us where we truly are in the evolution of consciousness.

This coming year will bring more evidence of the madness of an imbalanced world, and with it a global movement to honour the feminine in the face of such imbalance.

This spring, let your masculine express itself as a vast beauty maker. In a garden where love resides, fear dissipates and consciousness can flow and emerge into a new Eden.

Kim Elkington is the co-founder of The Algonquin Tea Co, a line of quality teas made from organic wildcrafted Canadian herbs. These days, Kim works with Local Sustainably Wild-picked Canadian herbs to make organic herbal, black, green and chai tea blends. Find these products online:, or Email Kim at:

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