Sacred Journeys – June 2012

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Sacred JourneysAs many of you are likely aware, there is a great deal of excitement amongst astronomers, astrologers and the channeled beings about the astrological alignments, particularly between May 20 and June 20 summer solstice this year. For many, this is heralding the beginning of the new golden age. It is being suggested that by the end of June, these alignments of our moon, earth, sun, central sun (Alcyone), and galactic centre will have streamed in enough energy, through the light of the cosmos, to upgrade our operating systems; and lift us up a notch or two. If Earth is to survive the two-leggeds, we are certainly ready for a cosmic tune-up.

The stories surrounding this cosmic initiatory gateway suggest that we are being nurtured with light and love from a source that is powerful. And we will be able to co-create a new earth so filled with love that we all will be vibrating higher, which the channeled beings refer to as a dimensional shift. If I think about the energy around my hands for example, they feel like I just rubbed them together. I feel that all the time, whereas twenty years ago I was taking workshops on energy work in order to feel it. We all are buzzing now.

What is unique, apparently, is that we are bringing our bodies with us. So rather than evanescing, we are needing to ground our spirits in our physical bodies.

I have been exploring a number of ways to stay grounded through these energies. Perhaps most grounding of all is eating living foods and root vegetables, drinking good water, resting and doing meditation. And breathing exercises are wonderful meditations; just focusing on each deep breath, and the energy of life that moves in and out of your physical being.

Throughout the day I take a minute to align my heart with the energetic heart of the earth, the sun, and the center of the milky way. I also like to look into the eyes of a random stranger and say ‘I love you’ in my mind. In so doing I acknowledge that they are an expression of me, that I am an expression of them, and that we are both expressions of the same source (they usually smile at me too which is fun.).

At night I like to further explore unity consciousness by asking for assistance from my higher self to help me integrate the accelerating energies. Most recently I have been asking the Pleiadians to put me in an integration chamber while I sleep. Not everyone will think that sounds very grounding! Try it anyway, and see if you feel refreshed the next day. We rotate around the Pleiades, their star Alcyone is our central sun, so call on them knowing they are your ancestors. They seem to love being asked.

In preparation for the events in June, we have undergone tremendous challenges and life events over the last year, taking us individually and collectively on a journey of personal transformation, whether we wanted the challenges or not. By the end of June, we will be aware that many things are falling into place as a result of how we were pushed. Overcoming fears has been an enormous challenge, be it health, loss, depression, exhaustion, or financial safety. If there is fear at the base of it, it has been coming up for us to process and let go. This month might intensify that purging to get us clear of that which congests our system and prevents more light, and the all important new encodings within that light.

As we bravely allow ourselves to think and act simply on the wisdom of our hearts more and more each day, we will discover we have landed in a new reality. Life will reconfigure to enable us to be our authentic selves, the more we live from that inspired, ancient being within us. It is from that infinite place within ourselves that we will be capable of occupying the new earth we are creating this summer. Together.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.
(from A New Beginning by John O’Donohue)

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