Powerful Ceremonies Open the Heart

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Sacred JourneysYippee, it’s summer! My life is quite busy this season with a Bed and Breakfast business going strong, along with harvesting herbs for the tea company when the plants are ready and the sun is shining. So weekends away are planned ahead of time and are extra special.

Attending a folk festival and Ontario Womyn’s Drum Camp are easy choices. I have spoken about drum camp before. In fact, I met a woman this year who read about it here in Sacred Journeys which was very cool. Drum camp arrives at the top of June as the rhubarb is ready and the black lotus buds are intoxicating each breath. It means the holiday season is at hand.

This year, drum camp was profoundly different. I suspect the atmosphere is a metaphor that each of us will discover in the summer ahead; Year One of our new Earth, as I like to think of life after 12:12.

We began the four days with a heart-opening ceremony, celebrating two elders who had died since last year’s drum camp, creating a powerful portal to the weekend by playing on two big native drums. I had helped build one of the drums with 12 other women over the winter in honor of our friend. As we sang the Strong Woman song to them, I was watching myself from outside, aware of how strong and present we all were in that room. We shared how these women had touched us, and in that sharing we could clearly see the medicine these women carried. It was in their listening and in their courage to share, that we had linked with them both at a deep level.

When women give birth to their stories by sharing them in community, it is how they heal. This year we allowed our tears and the words that wanted to flow out and float in the harmony and love as we shared.

Drum camp is always a coming together with an intention to be open to all the good energy, be it spiritual or musical, but there was a collective willingness this year to explore letting go of hesitation and fear, and trust that we could dive together in the safe waters we co-created.

Whether we were sharing in a medicine wheel inspired by the raw honesty of the grandmother teaching the circles’ medicine or dancing the Lamba (a thousand-year-old African dance of transformation from Guinea), we explored unhindered expression within the waters of unity consciousness. The dancing is always my favourite, and this year we danced ourselves wide open, to a place that was powerful in a way I have never previously experienced. There are no words or markers to share where we let our selves go, except to say that we created it together.

We danced love to people we knew were in a painful place; we danced ourselves into a place beyond time and space. My ego stopped existing and all I heard was the djembes moving through the room and my body, and I felt each open heart. Time stopped as we channelled all the women who ever danced to lose their fear of having a child; for the health of their children; for their own changes; for the strength and courage they needed to face what transitions lay ahead. Ancient miasms spirited out of the room as we deepened into the medicine.

Then the dance shifted as we moved into a ceremony where each of us stood exposed in the centre, and called out for what we wanted to draw into our life. The room of open women danced the strength of all the ancestors into each body, circling, pouring love, strength, and power, while looking deep into each person’s eyes. There were people we danced for who reported serious illnesses being healed from their sick beds that day, and I imagine that is true.

I think this collective deepening is part of our next evolutionary step. We are learning to walk and talk from our hearts, and embodying that energy in all that we say and do. So many of us are going through huge changes, challenges, emotional passages, and opportunities to grow.

Drum camp is an intensely focused event, but it feels that in the world at large, we are expressing ourselves with fewer limitations; feeling unbound we meet each other in grocery store lines and by hospital beds with an openness and presence we might have kept closed before. It feels as if we are facing our big adventures, not in fear, but in a place of love and support, and discovering the love we seek is both within, and easily accessible in the people and nature around us.

This deepening is making us magicians, as we get out our wands and walk away from fear and limitation, and move into our place of powerful co-creation.

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