SACRED JOURNEYS: My Grand Adventure in Foreign Lands

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Our adventure took us to South Africa, where we met up with other people from across the globe who had accepted an invitation to hear the creation stories

Life can be a grand adventure. For several weeks in October, I travelled ‘out of the country’ to explore foreign lands where creation stories run deep. Our final destination offered perhaps the oldest stories ever told, and I find myself changed forever.

The journey began in Jerusalem visiting the Dead Sea scrolls along with an ancient bone carved in the image of the Goddess Asherah over 9,500 years ago. There, one can feel both the deep commitment and tension between the different creation stories that birthed themselves thousands of years ago in the sands of Egypt, Israel, and Sumer.

Next, we visited Ethiopia – a vast, beautiful, and spiritual land filled with ancient creation stories older than the pyramids. Scientists through The Genographic Project (2005), have traced the origins of all humans (using the mitochondrial DNA in female saliva) back to an ‘Eve’ who lived in Ethiopia 200,000 years ago.

We also visited the four-million-year-old bones of Lucy, considered the missing link in the evolutionary version of the creation story.

Our adventure then took us ultimately to South Africa, where we met up with six other people from across the globe who had accepted an invitation to hear the creation stories – not only of this planet, but also earlier tales relating to our universe’s cosmology. The others who arrived felt like old friends. We fell into the warmth of each other’s hearts ‘easefully.’

Our host, Arn Allingham, is a spiritual healer and a trance channel of Adamu ( who is a representative of the Pleiadian Monad who call themselves our ancestors. Arn was tasked with assembling a group of eight who would be open to hearing this telling of the creation story from their perspective and discuss with us possibilities for moving forward on the Earth.

Under the African Sky

Interestingly, as I write these words it sounds like heady stuff, and in truth it is. But I did not for a moment doubt that I was meant to be at this gathering to hear the creation stories around a fire under the stars of an African sky for eight nights.

Remarkably, they unite all our various creation stories. We are united in consciousness within a larger creative being who exists at the heart of each of us. In its abridged version here, the ancient Creation story will sound like a script for a sci-fi film, but much may feel familiar: Millions of years ago, light beings co-existed on a beautiful planet called Lyra. Beings there lived from birth to full enlightenment, transitioning from solid to light forms, all in one lifetime.

It was a communal, creative, blissful, highly evolved existence.

Then the fairy tale was thwarted. In one ‘timeline’ a very fierce race of beings (Draconians) destroyed Lyra, and in another, Lyrans were placed into the light bodies of advanced beings, and scattered throughout the local galaxy to find new lives, and survive.

Some ended up terra-forming planets in areas like the Pleiadian system, some became ‘bankers’ in the contractual system of Orion, some developed religious societies, and some perished. They did what they needed to survive and stay safe. All of them were scarred by this aggressive and disturbing separation.

Leaping ahead through many stories, Earth was designated as a place for the various Lyran star seeds to return to. They were to try to live together again, as a ‘Lyra 2’ if you will. However, over the hundreds of thousands of years of adaptation to new environments, most of the Lyran descendant’s temperaments and values became unrecognizable. They did not get along easily. Some were in service to self, some in service to others, some highly regimented, some very spiritual, some militarized. Some had adapted blue skin. Some were very tall. The mythic gods found in so many global cultures all contain elements of these descendants – Norse, Celtic, Hindu gods all displaying extraordinary powers and temperaments.

It was decided that the star seeds would incarnate into human forms ideal for the Earthly plane, and be placed in different areas of the planet to evolve slowly. It was also agreed that wise light beings could occasionally incarnate to teach and guide them. As we know, this has not always been successful. However, this gives you a tiny hint of how we are all of the same seed. We are loved and we are guided. Our heritage is as truly vast, creative light beings.

Back to the Garden

Paradoxically, together we are trying to get back to the garden through a future version of our Lyran selves, united in love.

The manner, in which I have lived this life, including my choices, interests and passions (and perhaps those from lives before), brought me effortlessly to this place. I acknowledge that this is my journey, that some may share my passion and others will not be open to this.

But you can take from this some simple truths… that the more we fill with love and compassion, and spend our passions on uplifting those most dispossessed, the sooner we collectively embody who we truly are, and return to our original radiant beauty. I travelled to the other side of the world to learn, what in truth, we all know deep inside.

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