Sacred Journeys: This Year We Make Our Dreams Come True

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This is the year we make our dreams come true. That is a dream come true right there, so we are off to a great start. It would seem that all those who stay calm and watch for the signs are sensing the same promise of successful, self-generated change.

This year we will feel inspired, encouraged, supported, and empowered to live our dreams. This year we begin to marry dreams with action, to translate more easily the alchemy of manifesting the inner visions of the heart into the physical world. Some would describe this as the marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine; heaven and earth creating from balance. We don’t need to keep our dreams hidden safely in a drawer we only look in occasionally; we can risk it all and actually make them real.

We have spent the last thirty years preparing for now. Since the last Uranus – Pluto dance that birthed the social change movement of the ’60s, a dance which is repeating right now and bringing evolution and revolution, we have been working hard at finding a better way. We have been getting to know ourselves, our neighbours, our politics, our food, our bodies, our ecosystem, and our hearts. We’ve spent time feeling the disappointment and frustration at the seeming snail’s pace of change as generations, cultures, and institutions held to old ways that were thought to bring stability, but which actually prevented the enlightenment that comes from heartfelt free-fall.

We love to know what we are getting into before we do anything – but to create a new earth, to write a new story, we need to trust ourselves and the larger evolution that is in process, and then step outside of the familiar and make new stories, new possibilities.

Our world is forging a new wave of determined fans of equality and love and chants of “Yes, we can.” Recently most of that encouraged wave, which includes us, has been mired in the muddy shadows, shaking off attachments that were blocking our light.

In 2015 we are rising to the surface, and sensing that the struggle has made us strong. Rather than hide from what makes us uncomfortable, we have learned that we can look directly at that darkness and find others at our side holding the same gaze we are, and naming it.

We’ve moved from, “That’s wrong, somebody should do something about that.” to “That’s not right; I am going to see who agrees with me, and we can start to do something about that.” It is an evolutionary shift.

Part of the shift is that more of us are ready to take ‘chances’, to dream big, to work supportively and collectively to make our dreams happen. They will not necessarily pop into existence perfectly, but it is important we do not prevent ourselves from moving forward, waiting until we “know/see what is going to happen.” Just step, and then step again.

When we hold a dream, an intention in our heart, we hold a resonance. Then, as we physically step and take action, we will attract others who are also stepping from that same resonance. That is how we manifest into the physical, and how we co-create.

If you do not know what your dreams are, know that they are inside you waiting, hoping you’ll pay some attention to them. The best way to hear them is to be attentive to yourself while you do what you love doing, exploring what you enjoy exploring. Observe what you are attracted to and what makes you happy. Watch, and listen to your heart speak.

I remember a beautiful gathering I attended a number of years back. We were standing in a circle and were asked to offer into the centre what we would like to see in the new world, and what it was going to look like. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear what people envisioned, and each person spoke from a personal place about things like “free day-care for all,” “educators who love children,” “alternative front-line health clinics,” “global transportation without oil or gas,” and “vast tracts of land for the free flow of wild animals.” One of my imaginings entails co-creating an ethical wild-harvesting educational network.

To join the momentum of this magical year, plan a pot luck dinner and ask those questions of each other. Write down the story of your life journey so far, remembering the moments of inspiration; see how you are your inspired thoughts, and how you can continue to act on them. How might you manifest what you are attracted to into something bigger, and include other people? Notice when you say out loud, “Oh I wish that …”. What would be really nice to have in your life, and in your community?

While you explore dreaming and conjuring your seedlings why not also practise being the person you want to be – unplugged and outside more often, more generous, non-judgmental, helpful, caring, grateful, and loving?

While you are being more ‘present’ and authentic in the world, you will discover you are living your dream.

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