Sacred Journeys – February 2012

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Sacred JourneysWell we have arrived. For me, 2012 is a rite of passage year; for each of us individually and for humanity, and perhaps most importantly for the earth, it is as well.

We have no prophecies for what is coming after this time, except that it is a golden age, expressed by 1,000 years of peace. A wise off-world friend described it to me as an infinity symbol. We have just been travelling on a loop that is about 75,000 years long, and we are moving into the centre where the paths appear to cross. He likened it to being back in the womb, the void of creation, where all things are born. There are no predictions, because it is our opportunity to co-create that future. His words filled me, like fresh mountain air as the horizon became lit with possibilities.

The cosmos is supporting us to come together into unity consciousness. The more disciplined we are in holding the focus of the dream, the more passion and energy it will hold. The more we unite with each other as a community of dreamers, the more powerfully we generate a template together, and absolutely, we will co-create what we come to ‘love’ in our higher human hearts.

That is part of my dream for 2012, to have a dream for myself individually, another for my tea company, and then a larger dream of all of us linking into each other as a group avatar, calibrating a new alignment for humanity’s highest good, and the earth’s highest good. For myself, it is all about deepening my commitment to being present to the grace of each moment. There is a beautiful calmness at my core these days, a conscious connection to the earth and to my higher self. I feel there is such a tremendous shift in the frequency around us now, which I want to hold and ground. Like a spider web in a breeze, I want to remain strong, but loose, as things unfold this coming year. It is all about holding more light, and being that light for anyone feeling that it’s more shit than shift.

If you are having trouble believing in yourself or in the collective, then you have some negative old programming to say ‘goodbye’ to first. Then go at it again, until you feel that calm knowing, where you become the change you seek.

A friend suggested saying goodbye to everything we don’t want to see in the world and hello to what we do want in our world. In honour of our place in the infinity symbol, in the womb where we are creating a new world, that seems a great idea. We can get our lists going and hold them clearly in our heart and mind; know it is coming, and co-create that new blue-print. It is fun to dream a new business; allowing it to grow into something completely new in the world, an eco co-operative of aligned and beautiful souls, working harmoniously in partnership with the earth. As each of us applies these models to our work environments we can share these new business templates with others, as our community reaches out in co-operation rather than competition. That is going to feel so good.

In fact if we can taste, smell, hear, touch our visions we will activate the higher levels of our sensory minds, energizing and impassioning those visions all the more beautifully.

There is a lovely Youtube video that I re-posted today called “A Vision of a Beautiful World.” It is a man who, on New Year’s Eve, dreamed of a better world. In the morning he was inspired to write it down as words on sheets of white paper and hold them up in front of the computer. It is so beautiful. It is his list of what he is dreaming into existence. It is a dream we share with him. Within a week there was such a strong response that others created a Facebook page. It is so good to add our energy to the magic. We can each do the same in some form of our own choosing.

As mid-winter arrives and we move into the energy of spring equinox, be mindful of not feeding into any fears that may be stirred up around you or in the world, as we will magnetize those energies to us. Rather, imagine yourself nurturing the seed inside you that has wanted to be here for these changes all along, and knows exactly what is right for you at this time. It will be the place where you feel happy. As you nurture it, perhaps wondering what your path will be, just love yourself as a divine expression of light, love your body as a sacred expression of life, and you will feel the earth hold you in her arms. We are stewards of the new Earth, and we are loved.


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