Sacred Journeys: An Epic Tale of Love

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Well, here we are in the nano second of the nano second (1982-2012), and what a highly charged and creative time to be alive. I have decided to inspire my winter journey past the end of the Mayan calendar by placing myself within an epic tale. My heroine plays her part larger than she thinks polite, so that she can dream new worlds into being, and bring the old world with her. It is a tale of love.

“As the chapter begins, a field of consciousness older than time has streamed to a beautiful blue planet, known as Gaia, out in the far reaches of the Milky Way to participate in a grand experiment to explore a great unknown: As all things in the omniverse are indivisible and one, can consciousness be separated out and come to know itself?

It would require a great illusion to be woven. Many aspects of the field of being wanted to participate in this joyful exploration to rediscover unity consciousness. Gaia was selected as she was a creative and generous soul, and conveniently far from busier sections of the galaxy. She was also an evolving being, and it was agreed that she would create a three dimensional expression for the beings that would inhabit the human forms her molecules would create. Thus my heroine’s soul was first borne into a world of time, gravity, electro-magnetics, polarity and duality.

The individualized ‘parts’ of the whole that streamed into the bodies began a long journey of many lifetimes of exploration. The separation and ‘not knowing’ that came with free will were enormously challenging. Perhaps the most heart-breaking illusion was mortality. Such love poured from the consciousness to those, like my heroine, who chose to be part of the experiment. They were always given the option, when they died, to return. Most did return, for although it was very difficult, it was also so sweet to find love or discover feelings, to feel so far, yet be so close, to all knowing. Between lifetimes our heroine, like others, planned out her next life, chose her parents and possible lessons, as she journeyed toward unity consciousness. Individuals would have great insights, but the experiment was for enough individuals at one time to become aware of unity consciousness for the entire world to shift out of duality into dimensions of pure love and good will that would make a world based on what was best for all rather than the individual. Not everyone had to stay in the shift, but if enough caught the will to shift to love, then Gaia could re-anchor the world in a fifth dimensional setting, which all could then learn to see and explore at their own pace.

Consciousness had prepared long ago to assist their brothers and sisters to remember more of their larger consciousness. One tool was a Mayan Calendar to help them to notice collectively the arrangement of the heavens on a certain date. Another was that their DNA was encoded to wake up to a certain stimulating frequency. The stimulation occurred when Gaia was aligned with the higher frequencies of the center of the Milky Way galaxy, when the calendar ended. This would have the effect on DNA of drinking the nectar of mother / father / One. My heroine knew that although all would feel the joy of this new frequency, not all would be receptive. Within the frequency were love songs from consciousness; ideas for free energy; ways of being in community; the end of suffering. Like the 100th monkey, there needed to be enough Heroines and Heroes to hear the songs and carry them into the new world, bringing Gaia with them into a new frequency of living. The secret to hearing the songs more profoundly was simply true love of self, for love is the frequency of unity consciousness.

Gaia was to become the planet where the humans would learn to work together, filled with love and goodwill toward each other. They would open the channel between their individual expressions and the collective cosmic consciousness and begin living in form, knowing they were one being, one vast unfathomable consciousness, and their journey would inspire the universe.”

You are feeling inspired, I trust. The dramatic element is that the more clearing and balancing and self-loving each heroine/hero does now, the more light we ground, and the easier we make it for the group. This is about unity consciousness after all, and we are doing all of this for each other. It’s a love story, remember.

So, my understanding is that on December 12, the Earth herself is activated by the alignment (i.e., it is a day the crystals within the earth begin shifting the frequency, so many are meditating, alone or with friends or groups, to focus on sending love and forgiveness into the energy around the earth). If you have crystals, you might bring them and focus some attention on the earth and particularly Little Rock Arkansas and the crystal beds of Brazil (these two will be activated first apparently). For those interested in crystal skulls, Max will be in Little Rock.

Then, on Dec 21 is the winter solstice alignment at 6:11:37 am EST. Ac Tah, whom I recommend checking out, is the Mayan timekeeper who is saying that they expect 8 minutes of direct alignment, when we can expect to feel very optimistic about the future. Although the exact alignment is 6:00 in the morning, he describes the ‘love song’ happening anytime within the three days of Dec 21,22 and 23. You’ll feel it. Most important is to have your pens ready to transcribe your insights, dreams, visions, and ‘aha’ moments. These are not random thoughts, this is your hero / heroine connecting to the god / goddess / all that you are, directly. Keeping a record keeps a connection open.

Then the fun play starts, making our dreams come true; being what we love. See you on the other side.

Kim Elkington is the co-founder of The Algonquin Tea Co, a line of quality teas made from organic wildcrafted Canadian herbs. These days, Kim works with Local Sustainably Wild-picked Canadian herbs to make organic herbal, black, green and chai tea blends. Find these products online:, or Email Kim at:

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