Sacred Journeys: Harmonic Convergence

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This past spring, I was feeling drawn to go to Sedona for 11:11:11. I did not have a reason or an event, just a desire. So did a few hundred other people, apparently. When I arrived there and looked around at the ‘tribe’ that also had felt this compulsion, I realized I had been traveling to get there for a long, long time.

In 1987, Harmonic Convergence, a celestial configuration of great note, began activating a lot of people; we were like star seeds that had been encoded to begin visualizing a new frequency of being together, and knew only that it meant staying in the love and seeing the best in people. I’m sure we all fell off that wagon a few times, but what the group had in common was a love of ceremony, of the earth, a respect for the influence of the stars and planets, a ‘knowing’ that these were prophetic times, and that everything we believed would help pull us into that new beautiful future.

Most of us gathered in Sedona had lived a life that was interested in social change, community, alternative healing, multi-culturalism, and intuitive spirituality. There were many there who channeled information from many star-nations, and that information had guided them there. Others of us had just found ourselves there, after years of celebrating solstices and moon phases with friends, traveling to sacred sites, being drawn to geometry or earth wisdom, and to finding our own spiritual path.

What the gathering in Sedona gave me was a set of new words with which to understand myself. I could feel an incredible  love from each person there. It was as if a rapture moved through us as we gazed long and happily into each other’s sparkling eyes. The love between these strangers was a blueprint for the future. We co-created, general assembly style, a ceremony together, where there were no leaders. Each of us was recognized as a divine being that was an essential piece of the pattern we were weaving together. I know this might sound a bit Walt Disney, but if an envoy of elves and fairies had arrived with lions and unicorns, we would barely have blinked.

Around the medicine wheels (we created three, reflecting the larger triad of energy taking place that day), were people carrying condor medicine, as well as native pipe carriers, buddhists, taoists, muslims from Africa, and indigenous Hawaiians. There were also cowboys and hindus, ascended masters and rainbow kids. Even the dogs were getting along. There were staffs and orbs and drums and rattles. We chanted and smudged and called the directions and danced.

When the time came we joined together by creating a crystalline grid of light (flower of life) around the planet that connected everyone on it. We went up to the light that we are, down through ourselves and into the core of the earth and up into the sun and the center of the Milky Way galaxy. We were guided by channeled beings from the Order of Melchizedek, first to Arkansas where one of the largest crystal beds on the earth was activated by one of the two off-world constructed crystal skulls. This massive computer, affectionately referred to as MAX, was initiating an orchestrated dance of energies with Lake Titicaca Peru (opening a feminine ‘sundisc’ portal), and then moving to Sedona to ground it into the divine masculine.

We then began working with geometry and moved around to twelve different points on the earth, to anchor this energy. We journeyed in Merkabahs (two tetrahedrons). The various channeled beings  (from Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius and Pleiades), that were coming in through different people there, referred to this exercise as opening a star-gate; we were opening the 12 heart chakras of the earth. That’s sure what it felt like! We were all vibrating so much that many people didn’t sleep for days and days, but were not tired.

What we were doing, really, was totally wild. The beautiful part was that we all knew that, laughed about it, but knew with every cell of our bodies that we had answered a call that was encoded in us, and it didn’t matter if we understood the terminology or not; our guts knew it was what was required. We were like a mini prototype of a new tribal consciousness on Gaia. There were absolutely no leaders, no hierarchies. If anyone slipped into it for a moment, they gently were pulled back into the wave of the assembly. You would have been moved by it too.

Apparently, the frequencies are going to continue to accelerate this next year through solar flares. Remember to ground yourself, breathe deeply before you act; get rest and good water; and take this opportunity, that solstice provides, to look within and see where the journey is leading you. Try to keep in mind also that we are now choosing a future that reflects all the love that is within us. It is what the universe is asking us to do, and we have lots of support.

I saw the future: it was us, and we were brilliant.

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