Sacred Journeys – April 2014

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Astrologers agree that this spring could see some very real change in the world.  Uranus and Pluto are squared  (April 21) as part of a cardinal grand cross that will stimulate opportunities, challenges and transformation. We are in the middle of the Uranus Pluto influence which will be completing next spring. April’s configuration is significant. The last time Uranus and Pluto were squared we all felt their influence as the social change of the 1960’s. Since then we have been collectively growing up, and as these two powerful influences meet up again, we will be taking action as awakened beings. If there is something we would like to change about the world or within our lives or relationships, we will likely find ourselves doing something about it now. This spring we are seeding great socio-political change and potent transformation.

I view this time in Earth’s history as critical to the evolution of consciousness. For us to live in harmony, we need to recognize the truth of our unified consciousness, and the love for self, each other, that is our natural state. Being born into a body presents our first sense of separation and it can bring great unease. All our fears ultimately stem from believing we are alone, but it is an illusion. We are learning that as conscious beings we are energetically part of a unified field; that we can communicate and co-create with each other to manifest a loving new world, and this Spring’s celestial energies can stir us closer toward that understanding.

Getting the power-hungry to give up their banks, media, and war machines seems a daunting task, but we are not a small group of flower children any more. Rather, we are a global force field becoming aware of its power for manifesting change through unified thought and collective vision.

We are learning to do this on an individual level and at a social scale as well. There are world peace meditations happening online with millions of participants. The 99% is all lit up, and does not need guns to change the world; it just needs to recognize itself and then ‘will’ the change.

The news may seem chaotic over the next year. Do not fall into fear. Remember the law of similars, that like frequency attracts like frequency, so whatever you believe to be true you will draw to you and manifest for yourself and the collective. When we shift into the frequency of love, however we do that, we slip/stream into the unified field where separation and lack do not exist. Always speak your truth. Feel all the rest of us supporting you as you in turn support us.

What a powerful time to practice manifesting at an individual level; not only is there the natural momentum of spring in the northern hemisphere, but the enormous power of the celestial energies will support our efforts. Recently I was speaking about taking the time to create a vision board. I deepened the exercise by adding a visualization. I have had such huge results with the  visualization technique it feels important to share the steps in detail for you here:

1) I begin by getting myself in a great mood. (I love to dance to Pharrell Williams’ song  “Happy” – which you may have caught at the Oscars). Do whatever works for you.

2) Once you’re energized and glowing, sit in silence and begin deep breathing. Connect to our Sun and to the Cosmic Intelligence streaming in through the center of the universe. Draw this light into your body through the top of your head, and send it down into the core of the Earth. Then, draw grounding energy from the core of the earth through the soles of your feet, up your spine, and shoot it up to the sun and beyond.

3) Visualize a bubble in front of your chest. Fill it with images of what you want to create: visions for your life, your work, relationships, your journey (whatever your focus). Most importantly really feel the delicious joy and happiness of living such a supported, loving, respectful and successful life. Then visualize the bubble entering the right side of your head and bring it into your body and down to your heart. From here send these wonderful feelings into every cell of the body so that they sing with the joy of it. Take your time to imagine every cell knowing that your visions already are coming toward you and each cell is enjoying how wonderful it feels. This is all about the law of attraction so get your body buzzing. Now release the bubble from within your body and offer this new frequency up to the universe, trusting it will manifest in the way that serves both yourself and the highest good. Trust it is coming back to you, and that what comes is exactly what needs to appear for you at this time.

The first time I did this and really felt the universe listening to me, within the week I had received orders for thousands of boxes of tea! A cosmic grin indeed. There is also joy, respect and abundance (love) evidenced in every aspect of my life when I look at what has shifted. It was and is quite amazing. I remind myself of the ‘feeling’ of the bubble again each morning, to keep it growing. That is some good spring seeding! Now it is your turn.

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