Reconnect Within ~ Using a Healing Herbal Tea Ceremony

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It is challenging to keep oneself centred living life during these current days of chaos and complexity. We have turned ‘stopping to relax for a cup of tea or coffee’ into an urgent event in line-ups at the corner designer coffee shop. Many of the products at these establishments have too much caffeine, sugar and additives that defeat the purpose of relaxing, and are not health promoting.

Why do you think the English invented teatime? To take a real break. In fact most native cultures have ceremonies and rituals that include herbal tea extractions. For example, the Japanese have a tea ceremony, which is a social function, spiritual in nature, that emphasizes simplicity, respect, harmony and tranquility. In Canadian Aboriginal culture, herbal teas are used in the treatment of illness, often including a ceremony to pray for healing.

Recently, I consulted with naturopathic doctor, Tara Marcinkowski, at the Centre for Health & Well Being. She designs individualized healing tea blends for her patients. The herbal tea blend recommendations are therapeutic and based on the individual’s health picture. I found this to be an innovative, new take on an ancient form of healing.

Our fast-paced society is facing high levels of stress, which is linked to a rise in chronic disease. A prescription for slowing down and putting the focus back on healing is in order. The most important healing relationship you have is with yourself. Tara’s healing herbal tea ceremony can help renew this crucial connection and promote healing.

Tara recommended that I do a ten-minute ceremony, which is manageable for me. “It’s a quiet time ceremony during which you have quiet time to yourself. It can be used for self-reflection, meditation, repeating a healing mantra or mindful relaxation,” says Tara.

She gave these suggestions. “To perform your healing tea ceremony, reserve ten minutes in your day, whether it’s in the morning before the family is awake, after dinner or as part of your bedtime routine. Turn off your phones, no computers or TV, no reading – nothing but you and your cup of tea.”

By practising your healing herbal tea ceremony on a regular basis, you will experience relaxation, and the healing properties of the herbs become evident. I look forward to my time for me with my herbal tea blend. You will too, and as you do it, you are reinforcing your commitment to healing by dedicating quiet time to your healing herbal tea ceremony.

I use a special mug and good water for my healing teatime. There are many healing herbal teas to choose from. Better yet, get your individualized healing herbal tea prescription.


Call to book an appointment with Tara at the Centre for Health & Well Being in Toronto, (416) 604-8240.

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