Quick and Easy Fitness with the Bellicon Rebounder


This past winter was one of those times when I decided to spend some real money to improve my health. Three big ticket items were under serious consideration:  the PEMF Mat, the Far Infrared Sauna, and the Bellicon rebounder.  All of these are highly reputable, well researched products whose quasi-miraculous health benefits  are well documented – if the product is used regularly. This key point is what finally prompted me to choose the rebounder:  having a Vata/Pitta constitution* with virtually no Kapha,   which means I will always choose movement over inertia, I realized that I was not likely to lie on a mat very often,  nor sit in a sauna,  but bouncing around on a rebounder suited my temperament perfectly.  So the likelihood of my purchase actually getting used on a fairly regular basis, with its ensuing health benefits, would be higher with a rebounder.

According to NASA, rebounding is the most effective form of exercise known.  Even better, health guru Dr. Oz loves rebounding.  He says the holistic nature of rebounding makes for a short and effective workout routine, and ten minutes a day is all most people need for a full body workout.

Rebounding, considered a cellular exercise,  is said to stimulate and challenge all the cells of the body.  Done regularly, rebounding can increase muscular endurance and core strength, promote cardiovascular and circulatory health, activate lymph drainage for effective detoxing, contribute to bone strength and counteract osteoporosis, improve mood by raising serotonin levels, help with weight loss,  and is just plain fun.  Depending on your level of health and mobility, and the results you want to accomplish, you can rebound gently, even by sitting if necessary, or you can go all out and jump as high and hard as you can.  Plus everything in between.

So I now own a Bellicon,  the “Porsche of rebounders.” German manufactured and engineered, Bellicon joins the ranks of such high quality, luxury products as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Adidas, BMW, Bosch, and Steinway, according to the product literature which boasts of its revolutionary bungee cord technology. No big surprise that this is the most costly rebounder on the market (ranging from $800 to $1,000+). Apparently the bungee cord mechanism combined with a highly elastic mat, as opposed to the metal spring mechanism and hard mat you find on most rebounders,  creates a super-smooth bouncing pattern patented as the “Bellicon bounce” which is claimed to be functional, safe, and easy on the joints and back.

I have had other rebounders in my life and I have to say they were nowhere near as enjoyable to use as this one. The other ones mostly sat idle, whereas I love bouncing on my Bellicon, and always feel happy and energized afterwards. It comes personalized in a nice range of happy colour options and sizes, with foldable or stable legs, and you choose the bungee tension that’s right for your weight.

I was sold after I did some trial jumping at the Toronto Rebounder Store, the sole purveyor of Bellicons in Toronto. If you’re looking for a fun, kinetic way to improve pretty much all aspects of your health, give the Bellicon a try.

The Toronto Rebounder Store is located at 1724 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ont. Trial sessions can be scheduled by appointment toll free1-855-229-jump (5867)   Or order online through:https://www.torontorebounder.com

 (*Pitta, Vata, and Kapha refer to the three types of body constitution, as determined by Ayurvedic medicine.)


Alexa Petrenko is a valued Vitality contributor.

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