Pure+simple Introduces Holistic Vanity’s Acne Care Line


In tandem with Acne Awareness Week, and following the success of Holistic Vanity’s Rosacea Care and Damage Care products, Pure+simple co-founder Kristen Ma is launching Holistic Vanity Acne Care this month.

This Acne Care line by Holistic Vanity effectively fights acne while soothing aggravated skin. The development of this new line was especially impassioned for Ma, a long-time sufferer of chronic acne in her teens.

Holistic Vanity Acne Care is an organic skincare line designed specifically to respond to the duality of acne. While there is a need to detoxify and purify acne and breakout-prone skin, there is also a need to gently hydrate and protect vulnerable skin. The products within the line are powerful enough to tend to the acute needs of teenage acne as well as the long-term needs of adults with acne-prone skin, all while providing nourishment and comfort.

The full Holistic Vanity line includes:

• Purifying Black Mud Cleanser – with known double duty detoxifying and balancing Black Mud, this deep cleansing yet non-stripping milky cleanser proves there is true strength in being gentle.
• Anti-Bac Pine Mint Skin Tonic – the perfect therapeutic and refreshing skin tonic! Made from the water extracted from pine needles and mint leaves, this tonic purifies, but never dries, acne-prone skin.
• Clarifying Black Cumin Oil – when you find the perfect yin and yang of oils, two ingredients is all you need! This 100% organic oil gives breakout-prone skin types the best of both worlds with its antibacterial black cumin oil and anti-inflammatory babassu oil.
• Balancing Black Mud Turmeric Lotion – arm your skin with the defence it needs with this blissfully balancing lotion. Packed with essential purifying and calming ingredients such as organic babassu oil, black mud, and turmeric, this super moisturizing lotion calms and clarifies imbalanced skin types.

Holistic Vanity Acne Care will be available beginning September 16, 2015 at all Pure + Simple spa locations.

To order, or for information, call 1-866-337-1507, or visit www.pureandsimple.ca

For information on the Pure+simple spa locations, see their ad in Vitality’s September 2015 issue on page 61.

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