DIY Anti-viral Hand Sanitizer: Blends Aloe Gel with Thieves Essential Oils

March 10, 2020

With the coronavirus on everyone’s mind, and warnings about the toxicity of conventional hand sanitizers that contain toxic triclosan, people are wondering what’s the safest...

Bitter Tastes of Spring – Refreshing Greens from Dandelion to Radicchio

March 10, 2020

Herbalists and other healers have long championed the bitter taste of certain herbs and garden greens. Yet the majority of North Americans still shun these essential foods, preferring salty and sweet over the equally important sour and bitter.

Heal Insulin Resistance & Type 2 Diabetes with Key Lifestyle Changes

March 8, 2020

Article endorsed by Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (Updated March 9, 2020) Insulin is the hormone that regulates cellular nourishment by aiding in the absorption...

Sleep Solutions: Improving Sleep Apnea with Diet and Air Quality Upgrades

March 1, 2020

Article endorsed by Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (Updated March 15, 2020) In 2014, my partner and I decided to live together after three years...

Sweet Dreams: My Top Ten Natural Remedies for Insomnia

March 1, 2020

Updated March 15 / 2020 Winter is here, and with it comes seasonal setbacks that can cause problems with sleep.  Can’t fall asleep? Or, is...

Dramatic Health Recoveries Reported By Patients Who Stopped Using GMO Foods

March 1, 2020

Are genetically modified (GM) foods making you sick – I mean really sick? Up until recently, all that we could say was thank goodness you’re...

IN MEMORIAM: Tamara Penn 1942 – 2020

February 20, 2020

Vitality magazine staff were saddened to learn recently that Tamara Penn, a long-time member of our health community, had passed away on January 23rd after...

The Microbiome and the New Medical Paradigm – How It Can Save Your Life

February 19, 2020

While concern rises about the spread of a new virus known as COVID-19, it’s good to remember that the past century has seen a massive...

Powerful Essential Oil Blend For Your Health and Well-being

February 19, 2020

When it comes to purifying the air and neutralizing strong odours, Thieves® products provide a full-spectrum “overwhelming force” to cleanse without harsh chemicals. This blend...

Immune Boosting Herbs for Protection from Pandemics

February 18, 2020

By the time you read this, the issue of the coronavirus will have either died out, or it will have grown into a pandemic wreaking...

Optimize Your Immunity: The Power of Probiotics to Fortify Immune Strength

February 17, 2020

When clients ask me what they can do to avoid respiratory infections during the winter months, they are often surprised that the first thing I...

CORONAVIRUS: Exploring Effective Nutritional Treatments

February 2, 2020

(Orthomolecular News Service; January 30, 2020) Abundant clinical evidence has confirmed vitamin C’s powerful antiviral effect when used in sufficient quantity. Treating influenza with very...

SUCCESS STORY: Mental Illness Cured with Vitamins, Probiotics, and Allergy-Free Foods

December 27, 2019

(Article updated December 27, 2019) Parenting, for me, was an adventure. Typical of any adventure, I experienced danger and travel, I met extraordinary people, felt...