oneDrop Dental for Healthy Teeth and Gums

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for Healthy Teeth and Gums

From Bodyfood Inc. comes a new product that is transforming the terrain of dental hygiene: oneDrop Dental is a natural serum blended from 9 essential oils, each specifically chosen for its restorative properties and notable oral health benefits. Initially developed as a solution for those with sensitivities to the chemical components of  ordinary toothpastes, one Drop Dental is unlike any other dental care product available to consumers today.

A completely unique oral hygiene experience, oneDrop Dental is foamless, sugar- and sweetener-free, and made from naturally sourced organic ingredients, leaving you with healthy gums and teeth that feel remarkably clean.

The application of just one drop, twice a day, reduces the appearance of stains and helps prevent plaque buildup.

For more information call (905) 301-0759, send an email to: or visit:

See their ad in Vitality’s September 2015 issue on page 44

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  1. Emily Joshua
    July 03, 05:36 Emily Joshua

    Wow, amazing product. Ingredients used to make this product are all best for teeth. Would recommend that to anyone.

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