November 2011 Sacred Journeys

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Many of the more poignant events in my life have involved coming together with other like-minded people around an event. The place of the event is also significant, as sometimes it is a gathering at a temple or a vortex or an ancient sacred site. Most recently it has been, thanks to computers,, where we are coming together not to pray, but to work with others in collective guided meditations; co-creating the crystalline grid or helping to activate and move energy. I am not sure how to describe where we are, but most importantly we have come with the purpose of joining our energy and working together to uplift the earth and humanity in a focused endeavour. The sensation of working together in that way is highly stimulating.

This last year, people across the whole world have been ‘sensing’ each other’s presence in a poignant way: from the earthquake in Japan, the occupying of Tahrir Square, to Occupy Wall Street (OWS). Many involved with these large scale events said they ‘felt’ the support of other people all over the world. They were right to sense us; we were absolutely giving them our energetic support. We are beginning to consciously bring our energy together, to initiate non-violent and heart-felt change. I would say this is a defining moment in our shift in consciousness.

At the worldwide ‘Occupy’ events, we are seeds that are blooming together, in a global garden. We are stepping out of the fear and into the love, and when we do, everything lights up and connects.  It is clearly easy and natural for us to be co-creative together, when we know no-one and no-thing is trying to take advantage. We feel free to love each other, and ourselves.

I found the experience of the general assembly, when at Occupy Toronto, very moving. There were no leaders, no-one person represented or spoke for the group. As a gathering of equals, we decided everything together. Those who felt compelled to speak found themselves standing in the center of the assembly, like a tree. We were the roots and branches of each person there. We were a group avatar.

Rather than being victims of a doomed financial system, we instead are consciously willing it to change into something healthy and consensual. The ‘banksters’ have run the world long enough, and it is highly unlikely we will be returning to that old paradigm again.

The scale of the change that we are beginning to explore together publicly this year is still pretty new, vast and tender. In the years ahead we will surely come to penetrate the power of our collective will; to shift into a higher order of collective being.

As many of you may already know, people will be gathering, physically and energetically, all over the world on Nov 11 (11:11:11). I am heading to Sedona. The call is for those who are interested to come together, not so much in a political way as to connect to each other, to our earth, and further still, to the energies of the centre of the milky way galaxy. Imagine all of us shifting into our higher selves, focused in our hearts, for 11 minutes at 11:00 am in each time zone. Just imagine what we could do. Imagine what we could co-create.

Like a general assembly there will be no leaders, just individual volunteers, but it is safe to say we will be making our energies available to each other, so that we can bring more love and light frequencies into the world. Be the 100th monkey; the 144,000; trip the switch over to the new earth; be the change. Please join us from wherever you are at 11:00 am.

Imagine yourself a point of light in a flower of life grid that is around the earth, feel yourself connected to this big collective hug, and if you happen to sense violet and golden light, be sure to drink it in and share it around. If you wake up with large eyes and blue skin the next day, consider yourself activated!

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