New Radiation-Blocking Cases for Apple iPhones

New Radiation-Blocking Cases for Apple iPhonesAll cell phones and smart phones emit microwave radiation that is causing an increasing concern among doctors and scientists who believe this to be a health hazard.

Now, a specially designed RF-resistant fabric that has the ability to shield all frequency ranges has been integrated into the flap of a new radiation-blocking case for iPhones. When the case is closed it’s been proven to reduce the amount of radiation penetrating the user’s  brain by 70 to 90% in Specific Absorption Rate testing – a widely accepted measure of microwave radiation exposure. These special cases have been tested by a laboratory certified by health authorities in both Canada and the US, and proven to dramatically reduce the amount of cell phone radiation emitted into the brain.

To protect yourself, use your phone with the case’s flap down; a special shielded fabric is integrated into the casing, so when the flap is closed your brain is better protected. The sound level is not reduced given the specifically designed patented listening hole. This iPhone case provides efficient protection for the user without disrupting clarity or reception. You’re also better protected while your smart phone is in your pocket. The leather case also provides durable protection, shock absorption, and scratch protection. Available for iPhone G3 and G4/4S models.

Available at Big Carrot Wholistic Dispensary (Tel: 416-466-8432, 348 Danforth Avenue, Toronto), and online at, or call 1-877-987-5185.

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