New Ginseng Formula Boosts Memory and Cognitive Performance

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If you watched the movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, you saw his character, Eddie, go from being a struggling writer to a limitless entrepreneurial success, thanks to a little pill that improved the brain’s function to 100 per cent. The question that arose at many dinner parties was, “would you take a pill if it improved your memory and capacity to produce more?”

Now there is a safe, natural, ginseng extract available called Cereboost. There is no guarantee of success akin to Cooper’s character, or adverse side-effects like the pill in the movie, but this natural solution is great news for those who need a little memory boost. Students, working professionals, and practically everyone inundated with information overload, can benefit from a little extra brainpower these days.

Introducing Cerebrum™ Formula

Cerebrum™ by Renew Life is a revolutionary new formula that temporarily increases cognitive performance and attention accuracy, while it improves working memory capacity and speed. Cerebrum™ contains Cereboost, a specific and unique extract of American ginseng that has been clinically proven to increase cognitive performance by 10 percent. Cerebrum™ also contains the brain-boosting essential fatty acid DHA, derived from fish oil.

How Cereboost Works

Research published in 2010 on extract of American ginseng, showed it increased cognitive performance by 10 percent for a six-hour period after taking it (Schloey, 2010). This extract is called Cereboost, which has been standardized to contain a precise ratio of ginsenosides – the active compounds behind ginseng’s efficacy. It is this specific ratio that gives Cereboost its unique ability to improve cognitive performance, without the jittery side-effects which can often occur with other forms of ginseng.

The clinical study showed that Cereboost was effective in:

  • Increasing cognitive performance
  • Improving working memory capacity
  • Increasing attention accuracy
  • Enhancing working memory speed

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Also Improve Cognitive Performance

As well as Cereboost, two other nutrients have been shown to boost cognitive function. A growing body of research is proving DHA and EPA (the omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish) to have very positive benefits.

In fact, a recent crossover placebo-controlled study showed that the intake of fish oils improved cognitive performance in healthy subjects after five weeks (Nilsson, 2012). Meanwhile other research on healthy 18-25 year olds taking DHA and EPA showed they were able to “enhance their working memory performance even further, despite already being at the top of their cognitive game” (Narendran, 2012).

Taking Cereboost for its short-term positive effect on cognition, along with fish oils for their long-term brain benefits, is a great way to combat poor concentration that everyone faces at some point. Renew Life’s Cerebrum™ combines these ingredients to provide an overall boost to ability.

Cerebrum™ can be found at health food stores, and the natural health products section of major grocery stores and pharmacies across Canada. The MSRP is $31.99 for 30 capsules. For more information, visit

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