Membrell Egg Shell Calcium: Improves the Formation and Preservation of Bones

The typical North American diet is not necessarily deficient in calcium, but rather prolific with factors that extract calcium from our bones, like unnatural levels of sodium, processed high glycemic index foods, and even stress. We’re setting up a biological system that simply cannot hold onto calcium.

The solution really is in protecting the bones from the inflammatory heat that the North American lifestyle produces. Our toxic environments and lifestyles literally cause the body to produce inflammatory hormones at levels that interfere with natural life-preserving processes. And the loss of bone mass is only one of many degenerative effects that advance with this pro-inflammatory activity.

This inflammatory lifestyle thwarts the balanced activity of specialized cells responsible for managing calcium in the body – the osteoclast and the osteoblast. Osteoclasts are specialized cells that extract calcium from bone, shuttling it to where it might be needed for important metabolic tasks. The bustling osteoblast has an opposing role, picking up free calcium and incorporating it into the bone matrix to build bone.

The state of your bone mass is a function of these two opposing activities, and no matter how much calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and vitamin D you consume, bone mass will be limited to the balance created by these two worker cells. A body that tends to be pro-inflammatory and leans towards acidic tendencies cannot hold onto its calcium stores. Our cells depend on calcium for electrical, communication, hormone signalling, muscle contraction, and other processes that have higher priority over the bone mass. Shortages in peripherally-needed calcium will result in extraction from bone.

Our lifestyles contribute to calcium extraction from bone in multiple ways. A diet high in sodium pushes the body into the acidic pH range and forces the extraction of calcium by the osteoclast as a way to help buffer the change in pH. Diets that include an abundance of vegetation and fruit and are lower in processed or preserved foods tend to deliver higher potassium loads and are lower in sodium than processed diets. This fresh whole food diet creates a calcium-sparing effect for bone mass.

Research shows that the pro-inflammatory state in the body increases osteoclast activity and inhibits osteoblast activity, throwing the body into calcium extraction mode. Not only is calcium being extracted in this state, but the important bone-building role of the osteoblast is also blocked. This underlying inflammation tends to escalate with age, compounding the problem.

The way to improve calcium status of bone, where more than 99% of the body’s calcium should reside, is by improving osteoblast (bone forming) activity over osteoclast (resorption) efficiency despite age. If this osteoclast-osteoblast balance is re-established, not only is bone health improved, but cardiovascular risks associated with osteoclast over-activity and high levels of circulating free calcium are also reduced.

Boron: As lifestyle forces and aging cause degrading inflammatory hormones to escalate, boron protects the osteoclast from the inflammatory signals to inhibit osteoclast stimulation. This helps preserve bone and reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Strontium: Research shows that strontium literally initiates an anabolic phase with regards to bone formation by activating the bone forming osteoblast and inhibiting the bone resorbing osteoclast. This helps improve bone density.

Nature has a way of providing complex nutritional needs in a simple form. Eggshell calcium supplies more than just calcium. Research shows that the precious calcium in the eggshell is accompanied by important bone minerals that must be present with calcium in order for bone to be mineralized – magnesium, zinc, copper, boron, and strontium.

Eggshell supplies a sort of naturally ‘activated’ calcium for bones that helps counter lifestyle- and age-related influences. And Membrell helps preserve and improve bone health, supplying an array of important bone minerals.

Membrell Egg Shell Calcium is available in health food stores across Canada. Visit or call 1-888-379-3135 for more product info or a retailer near you.

Franco Cavaleri is a graduate of UBC with Majors in Nutritional Science and Biochemistry. His postgraduate research efforts continue today on the latest gene-related and insulin-related nutraceuticals. Today Franco is the CEO, president, and research director of Biologic Publishing Inc. and Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp.,

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