Live probio+ o3mega: The World’s First Super Probiotic

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How do you create a super probiotic? Take the world’s most researched strain of probiotic, combine it with certified, superior omega-3 fish oil, and then make sure it is completely shelf-, temperature-, and gut stable.

Bifidobacteria Longum BB536 is Best:

• Only bifidobacterium decreases with age;
• A fast-food style, high-fat diet diminishes Bifidobacterium levels;
• Higher levels of Bifidobacter-ium are associated with a leaner body;
• Bifidobacterium longum BB536 is found in the gut of humans;
• Bifidobacterium longum BB536 is widely used in Japan, a huge worldwide consumer of probiotics;
• Over 60 research studies have been done on the benefits of Bifidobacteria Longum BB536.

Combination of Bifidobacterium Longum BB536 and o3mega Fish Oil:

• Adding omega-3s to a probiotic can increase bifidobacteria levels by up to three times;
• Contributes to lower levels of unhealthy bacteroids (bad gut bacteria that have been linked to cancer);
• Increases omega-3 absorption;
• Increases heart-healthy benefits.

Omega-3s improve the probiotic stickiness, allowing the BB536 to stick, stay, grow, and flourish, replenishing the gut flora. Interestingly, arachidonic acid (found in vegetable oil / omega-6) contributes to reduced adhesion of probiotics.

Patent-Pending Process

Due to our patent-pending process, we guarantee stability of the probiotic in the fish oil, because live matters!

Probiotic strains used in dietary supplements must be able to withstand long shelf life, changing storage temperatures, and water activity.

BB536  is a proven survivor! When independent testing of live probio+ o3mega versus the top five probiotic supplements in the marketplace, live probio+ o3mega was the only one to exceed label claim prior to expiry – in fact, no other product tested even met its label claim.

Pricing: 60 capsules for $27.99, 120 capsules for $50.99.  Suggested daily dose: 2 capsules daily. Available at drug, health food, and grocery stores across Canada.

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