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Letters to the Editor - Vitality MagazineFrom Alberta, With Love

I first must tell you that I cannot throw away any of the older editions of Vitality, only because each one contains such vital, beneficial and up-to-date information each and every time. Just excellent articles repeatedly.
One article that I have taken more interest in is Pat Crocker’s “Supercharged Summer Smoothies” (July/August 2012 issue). I have made a copy of the article and will march into the office of the dietician at a local seniors’ home where a relative of mine is currently a resident. I see such poor choices of juices and food for the seniors, it is almost painful to see all the food thrown away. Smoothies are a great option for those on poor diets.
Many seniors do not eat well and do not get the necessary nutrition they need, and when I read about the different and many benefits of smoothies I thought that if they could get just one smoothie into these poor eaters a couple times a week, imagine the great benefits it would make.
I know that smoothies must be made quickly and presented in a timely fashion so using blenders in each area would be a problem, but if a couple blenders a couple times a week could be used for getting fresh fruits into seniors, I would think nothing but good would come of it. They have ice cream parties – perhaps “smoothie parties” would be a good option.
Pat’s article inspired me to at least try to convince the facility to have a look at the possibilities to improve the nutritional needs of seniors. Thanks for your continuing great articles.
Lynda Anderson, Spruce Grove, Alberta

Dr. Zoltan Rona Responds to Misleading Research on Calcium and Vitamin D

What do you think of “Too much Vit. D”? From what I’ve read, I’ve always thought that 5,000 – 6,000 IUs have been safe to take – considering that full-body exposure to the sun at noon in Florida or Barbados would allow the skin to produce some 10,000 units?
Michael J. Holubik

Zoltan Rona, M.D., M.Sc. responds: Counterintuitive studies on vitamins often grab the headlines and usually make erroneous conclusions. For example, a recent study on calcium supplements claimed that the more calcium one takes through supplements, the higher the risk for heart disease. (Ed note: See “News Briefs” in this issue.) Calcium supplementation without magnesium can definitely increase heart disease risk, but this was not taken into account in the study nor even mentioned. This mistakenly has been taken by the media and the public to mean that calcium supplements cause heart disease and this is just plain incorrect.
Imagine if you had coronary artery disease and decided to take fish oil. Later, your doctor assumed that those fish oils caused the blockages in the coronary arteries. Would that be an accurate assessment?
Well, something similar has now happened with vitamin D. Some researchers examined the association between all-cause mortality and serum levels of vitamin D in almost 250,000 people in Denmark and found that very high levels of vitamin D were associated with an increased risk of death. The humorous thing about this was that they were surprised by the findings.
Since no attempt whatsoever was made to at first ascertain the health of the subjects involved there was no way of telling whether or not these people were already ill, elderly to begin with, smokers, alcoholics, obese or psychotic. Whether or not they recently started on vitamin D or were taking it for a number of years was also undetermined. Were these subjects taking high dose vitamin D because they knew they were at death’s door? Were the blood levels high due to excessive sunbathing? Were all the participants healthy young adults or were they diseased and in their 90s? The answers were not to be found in this study.
To then conclude an association between all-cause mortality and higher blood levels of vitamin D is very misleading at the very least. In all likelihood, any such association should never have been made in this  dumb study. Unsuspecting lay people will be mislead by the ludicrous association and try limiting their consumption of vitamin D in the mistaken belief they will be healthier that way.
Already, most of the medical profession has been admonishing people for supplementing too much vitamin D and this study could only serve to justify continuing to give the public this wrong advice about vitamin D supplementation.
Why a respected publication like The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism would ever publish such trash is beyond me. All the real scientific evidence in favour of greater health being associated with higher blood levels of vitamin D is overwhelming. I have detailed this in my book on vitamin D, as have numerous other authors. The best advice is to ignore this new Danish study. It only serves to confuse the public with misleading data.
(Dr. Zoltan P. Rona practices Complementary Medicine in Toronto and is the medical editor of The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. He has also published several Canadian best-selling books, including Return to The Joy of Health. For more of his articles, see https://www.tristarnaturals.com and https://mydoctor.ca/drzoltanrona. See below for Dr. Rona’s article references)

Cell Tower Jeopardizes Biodynamic Farm

My son and I own a certified Demeter (biodynamic) farm. We grow market garden produce, organic beef, and eggs, selling at the Evergreen Brick Works Market in Toronto. Our neighbour announced a few months ago that he was putting up a cell tower next to our property line. Our first instinct was that this was wrong. We just did not know how wrong. Months of research and petitioning to our town council, MPs, Health Canada, Industry Canada, Xplornet, EORN, and we have finally got the tower moved to another site. Unfortunately, the contract with our neighbour has not been closed and nobody is talking to us. This is scary.
We contacted David Suzuki and received two personal letters from him stating that he knew about the harm these towers cause but was not in a position to write a letter on our behalf. Demeter USA does not allow food grown under hydro lines to be certified organic because of the effects that EMFs have on food production. A letter from Demeter Canada, backed up by the NFU and the Indian Agricultural Program was what got the tower moved.
Throughout this whole ordeal we have learned a lot and met some incredible people. Our farm is next to 2,000 acres of conservation land. Just north of us in the same geological stretch is an area designated as environmentally sensitive. We have spoken with several entomologists, bee experts and an organization called C.P.A.W.S. which are interested in doing a bio-blitz on our property. Our goal is to have the 2,000 acres adjacent to our property designated as environmentally sensitive.
Your magazine is read by an incredible number of people who are energy healers and spiritual mentors. I wonder if they are aware of how these artificial EMFs interfere with the natural EMFs. Natural EMFs are what allow bees to find their way back to the hive, and migrating birds and mammals to find their way too. Natural EMFs are what allow plants to communicate with one another and know when to grow, be dormant, close petals, etc. Natural EMFs are how our environment communicates. It is these same natural EMFs that energy healers and spiritual people have tapped into throughout the millennia.
Isn’t that interesting how they will put these towers up in school yards near children, but not near environmentally sensitive areas. I think the government knows they are harmful. It is all about money.
Kathryn Aunger, Aric and Mary Anne Aguonie, Earth Haven Farm, Thomasburg, Ont.

Diabetes and Wheat Belly

Jason Hatt (July/August 2012’s Letters to the editor) will read the July/August 2012 issue of Vitality and discover the possible root cause of his family’s diabetes problems. Unless “baking sinless cinnamon rolls and other goodies” involves only gluten-free flour, I would imagine that “no known specific trigger” would now be known, especially if he reads the excellent Wheat Belly book reviewed also in this issue. I doubt heredity has anything to do with diabetes, so look to what the whole family is eating, and unless they stop the wheat (and all gluten grains), that will explain why “it is very common for all the siblings to end up with the same diagnosis”.
Dr. Hank Meredith, London, Ont.

GMO article and Wheat Belly review

“If God made it, it’s good; if man made it, it’s poison.” said my friend Ildiko, chemist/clairvoyant/healer. And so it seems. I was quite comfortable with the Wheat Belly review referring to the link between (over-hybrid­ization of) wheat and heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s, colitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. I cringed, however, when I read Jeffrey Smith’s GMO feature. We are the human clinical trial.
I first started spreading the anti-gluten word when I was a patient of Dr. Carolyn Dean’s more than 25 years ago. A work-related chemical exposure left me immunocompromised with joint stiffness and muscle pain. Dr. Dean routinely took her patients off wheat and sugar to remove as much immune system burden as possible. She assured us that we could maintain/ gain weight and get enough fibre from eating vegetables. Most got well. I got rid of my atypical arthritis and my muscle pain.
Anecdotes about friends who recently went gluten-free: Megan, a web-whiz in her mid-20s, lost 25 pounds and her double chin in one month. Her eyes sparkle. Erin, a stylist in her mid-20s, didn’t lose weight, but her nightmares stopped. She’s radiant.
Anecdotes about acquaintances with gluten-related tragedies: J. died in her late 80s following a diagnosis of ALS. She’d been complaining of major digestive problems for her entire life. Her doctors had never checked her for celiac disease. V. is a retired architect in his late 80s who has spinal stenosis and is wasting away. He’s on a dozen drugs. His doctors have convinced him it’s part of aging. They haven’t bothered to test him for celiac disease.
Here’s what celebrity pharmacist Suzy Cohen says about gluten: “Cereal can make you crazy! Wheat is a grain that contains ‘exorphins’ which act similarly to morphine (opiods). The psychoactive nature of these exorphins occurs because the grain is not completely digested, and in some people (esp. those with leaky gut) it travels through the blood and into the brain. This explains why some people have psychiatric problems despite medication use. You have to remove the antigen (wheat in this case). If you have psychiatric or neurological complaints, I would avoid gluten-containing foods, and preferably all grains. What have you got to lose? Your mind!”
“One the most terrifying symptoms of wheat intolerance (gluten) is that it can actually damage the brain and mimic Alzheimer’s deterioration. Interestingly this can happen without any gut symptoms. Gluten is being suspected as playing a role in some of our neurological disorders. You may not like hearing it, but it does not change the fact that gluten is creating havoc with many people. This is only going to get bigger. The worst part is that many of the symptoms you may experience never will point to the real gut issue you may have.”
Cohen is right – you may not like hearing it and it is only going to get bigger. Read Wheat Belly, look at https://www.wheatbellyblog.com, and make sure your physician is gluten-savvy.
P.S. Several of the American Olympic medal winners are gluten-free.
Maie Liiv, Toronto

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