Letters to the Editor – November 2010

Telecom in Schools – October 2010 Issue

 This was a great article – excellent work. This WiFi will be rolled into Toronto schools next year and people will start to get sick. Your magazine will be critical in informing parents of why their kids are getting symptoms.

Rodney Palmer, Collingwood

Bill C-36 Update from the Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom

 It is with sincere regret that I advise all of you that today, during the so-called debate in regards to Bill C-36 in the Canadian Standing Committee on Health, clear evidence now confirms that “Our” Canada has been fully taken over by the European and global Fascist/Socialists.

The grassroots’ spokespeople are once again being prohibited from testifying against this draconian Bill, as happened with its predecessor, Bill C-6 (See Exhibits 1, 2, and 3).

Today, in an unbelievable violation of every fundamental principle of a direct rule of English Common Law democracy, all four establishment parties are refusing to allow any grassroots witnesses opposed to Bill C-36 to testify on record (See Exhibit 3).

If you care and want to stop this totalitarian Bill, we need your immediate help. The following steps are required:

Step 1: Go to www.pfrpc.ca and/or www.canadiancoalitionforhealthfreedom.ca and become a member and monthly donor to one or both of these organizations (See Exhibits 4 and 5). Also sign up for our Health Freedom News Network weekly educational information at www.hfnn.ca. By visiting our website on a weekly basis, you will be informed enough to constructively take an active role in direct democratic reform through our two above mentioned organizations.

Step 2: While visiting these websites, you need to send the STOP BILL C-36 E-Mandate protest letter to show the government your support in rescinding this proposed Bill from the House of Commons permanently. This can be done online and by downloading the STOP BILL C-36 E-Mandate protest letter and sending your letter by fax, mail, or by hand to your local MP’s office.

Step 3: After forwarding your protest letter, please print it out and immediately call your local MP for a meeting in their riding. Ask your MP to confirm in writing how they will be voting on Bill C-36 at a 3rd Reading. MP’s usually follow the consensus of their caucus and party leaders instead of independently voting. It seems we do not have any true Constitutional Democratic representation in each riding.

Step 4: Contact me personally and help our team set up permanent GIA BeeHive Freedom Advocacy communications and educational teams in your federal riding. My phone number is (613) 771-1797. I can also be contacted by fax at (613) 968-3215 or email me. I am an authorized Federal Lobbyist under the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada and Office of the Integrity Commissioner for Ontario. As your authorized lobbyist, I can meet with your MP on your behalf in Ottawa to discuss your outstanding issues while seeking support for my requests for Witness time before the Standing Committee on Health, which was refused today.

If you do not get involved and actively support our efforts immediately, financially and otherwise, “Our Canada” will continue to be transformed into a European-style Fascist /Socialist police state that does not recognize our individual sovereign rights, freedoms, and liberties, and is only about debt enslavement and profit and power for mega government and non-government corporations and their agents, servants, and sub-delegates.

Trueman Tuck, CCHF

Exhibit 1: https://www.fairtaxassociation.ca/files/Exhibit_1.pdf

Exhibit 2: https://www.fairtaxassociation.ca/files/Exhibit_2.pdf

Exhibit 3: https://www.fairtaxassociation.ca/files/2010_Oct_21_Minutes_of_Proceeding_for_HESA.doc

Exhibit 4: https://www.canadiancoalitionforhealthfreedom.ca/membership.php

Exhibit 5: https://friendsoffreedominternational.com/membership.php

Championing Alternative Media

I would like to thank you all at Vitality for bringing to light the lax regulations (and in my opinion, blatant disregard) by so-called health authorities, and lies from greedy corporations when concerning the health issues of today, whether related to telecom, pharma, or the food industry. We need alternative media such as your organization to champion these issues and keep up the fight for individual choice and sober second thought.

Will Holland, by email

The Heart’s Body Clock

Dear Michael Downey,

I follow your column in every issue. I have been sharing the News Brief on “Disrupted Clock Genes Cause Cardiovascular Disease” with my T’ai Chi classes in London, Ont.

But I am questioning the second statement in the News Brief and I have not been able to connect to the Hypertension Research Journal on the web. I would feel that this statement should read ‘the heart, blood pressure and other vascular functions have been known to have daily cycles in tune with the body’s central clock, which is located in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain.’

Teaching a Chinese exercise, I know that the Chinese do have a body clock in their healing arts – and possibly have known this for hundreds of years.  And the heart (not heart attacks) has a body clock.  And yes, when the heart clock is out of sync, then one can have heart attacks.

Your column is very newsworthy and keep the new information coming.

Gloria Jenner, London, Ont.

Michael Downey responds:


Thanks for your kind words about my News Briefs column, and thanks for writing us.

Although it may surprise you and many others – which, of course, is why we report it as “news” – the occurrence of heart attacks does indeed follow daily cycles. Or, as the authors of that study wrote, “Circadian variations have been clearly shown in the occurrence of cardiovascular events such as acute myocardial infarction.” (Acute myocardial infarction is, as you probably know, a heart attack.)

The focus of this study was the newly discovered relationship between numerous “peripheral clocks” – which exist in every tissue and cell of the body as clock-controlled genes (CCGs), operating totally separately from the body’s central clock (known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus or SCN) – and cardiovascular pathologies, such as heart attacks or high blood pressure. These CCGs independently control the various organs in which they are found. It was discovered that when these peripheral clocks get out of sync with the central clock, they cause negative health events in the specific organ they control. So, as we reported, heart attacks, high blood pressure, endothelial dysfunction, and other cardiovascular problems also have daily cycles.

You can read details of the experiment with mice, whose circadian rhythms were disrupted genetically, by visiting https://bit.ly/cWrO1h. However, the access fee is $32 US. On the other hand, you could just continue reading News Briefs in Vitality

Michael Downey, Vitality Magazine

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