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Letters to the Editor - Vitality MagazineCreating a Healthy Home – Correction:
I was very interested in the article, but I was also very surprised to see the misuse of the word metre instead of meter on page 10 of the April edition. As you should be aware the word metre is a measurement in the metric system while meter is a device used to measure voltage, current, power, etc.
Herb Osborne, Technical Officer, Market Services – Wholesale Metering Independent Electricity System Operator

Thank you for this compendium which will work for anyone new to assessing their health affected by electro magnetic radiation. I took some four years to work out this range of recommendations for myself and will certainly circulate this useful article for others craving some resolution to their apparent unfathomable ill health.
Sarah Golf, UK

Health News Briefs
This section of your magazine’s website is amazing because I feel as if I have just read every nutrition-oriented study in every medical journal for the entire month! If I wanted to catch all these studies myself, I’d need hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars every month  just to do that. Keep up the good work, Mr. Downey.
Dan Macdonald, Toronto

Ontario Government Uses The Budget to Dismantle Environmental Legislation
The Ontario government has published its new “budget” cunningly titled “Bill 55, Strong Action for Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2012”. Beware: carefully obscured among the arcane wording of no less that 69 Schedules “to enact and amend various Acts”, is critical legislation that will effectively disable important parts of Ontario’s existing environmental legislation.

On April 10, 2012, Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner for Ontario reported on his blog: “Many environmentally significant laws that are administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources are proposed to be amended. These laws include the Endangered Species Act, the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, the Public Lands Act, the Crown Forest Sustainability Act, and the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act”.

The government has packed them into the budget bill to avoid transparency and the normal public consultation process under the Environmental Registry.

“As a result, the public does not have the same opportunities to contribute to decision making when a number of environmentally significant laws are changed in a budget bill,” says the Environmental Commissioner.
Among the most worrisome is “Schedule 19” which amends the Endangered Species Act, 2007 to provide for several exemptions from the prohibitions against killing, harming, harassing, a species at risk or damaging or destroying their habitat.

This new amendment allows the Minister to make exceptions, entirely at his own discretion, for people engaged in infrastructure projects related to a communications system; an electric power system, oil or gas pipeline, alternative energy system or renewable energy system; a transportation corridor or transportation facility; a waste management system; or water works, wastewater works, drainage works, storm water works and associated facilities.

The Ontario government boasts of its enlightened approach to biodiversity. And yet the greatest emergent threat to biodiversity is the cumulative effect of increasing numbers of industrial wind turbines the government is promoting. Biologists around the world are also blaming wind turbines for disturbing sensitive ecosystems, causing habitat abandonment, and reduced breeding productivity.

Consider the fatalities at Wolfe Island: 13.4 birds per turbine per year. (For the potential cumulative effect, multiply by 86 turbines = 1,152 birds per year, hardly an insignificant impact on a major migratory flyway. Now multiply by the 7,000 turbines the government has planned for Ontario and then multiply by their 20-year life expectancy). Many of these casualties will be endangered and protected species. They will no longer be protected.
Protesters at Ostrander Point have complained that the proposed wind turbines will harm the endangered Whip-poor-will and the Blanding’s Turtle by road building and disturbance of wetland habitat.

Meanwhile, the industry claims that it avoids placing turbines near sensitive habitats. Yet projects are planned for Ostrander Point, Arran Lake, Point Pelee National Park, Manitoulin Island, and coastal wetlands associated with Lakes St. Clair, Erie, and Ontario.

Some of the species most vulnerable to the turbines are crucial to agricultural insect and vermin control: for example the song birds and the raptors. Bats, which are now in peril of being wiped out as a species, control mosquitoes (and West Nile Virus). The economic and human health implications are obvious.

The McGuinty government has been made well aware of these issues but claims we need the wind turbines to lower CO2 emissions – although they have actually increased CO2 emissions in Germany because they require fossil fuel backup.

Every genuine environmentalist, conservationist, nature lover or advocate for Ontario’s biodiversity will be outraged at this underhanded development. Please let every MPP know that you are unwilling to accept this regressive amendment.

Keith Stelling, Southampton

An Open Letter to Doctors (April 2012)
I had some trouble believing this woman could be so ignorant of her health. I understand that when we go to a doctor, we can expect a prescription. But I cannot understand how this woman kept on trusting and receiving ALL those prescriptions from her ignorant doctor. After all, “we are our own best doctors.” From a simple case of insomnia to a drug addict? Unbelievable.
John M. Grima, Toronto

I’m so glad this is finally seeing the light of day so others can read it and learn hopefully not to let this happen to themselves. Thanks for sharing this very difficult story. Hopefully it will make a difference for many others.
Crystal Hawk, Toronto

Your story is sad. You may have been one of the unlucky few who suffered ill effects from vaccination, but that is highly unlikely. Statistically you are more likely to win the lottery twice, than to suffer such an ill effect. The more likely scenario is that your condition is unrelated to the vaccines. Come to the third world and see for yourself the difference that medicine can make. Every person who refuses a vaccine is giving a boost to malaria.
Safdar Syed Mahmoud, Karachi, Pakistan

Thank you for sharing your personal story. We are grateful for courageous people like you who step out from behind the shadow of shame, and tell the world about your experiences, so others may avoid this same life experience. May you continue to remember, even if it’s better to forget. God Speed.
Patrice Campion, Ireland

An excellent article! It is heartfelt and so honest. Yes doctors can do outrageous harm. Many people have been crucified by psychotropic drugs in the name of ‘help’. People live in fear of receiving them against their will when they indeed know they have caused serious harm.
Mary Maddock, Cork, Ireland

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