Letters to the Editor – March 2014

Wireless Smart Metres Linked to Health Issues

[Re: “Invisible Threat: The Link Between Wireless Radiation and a Host of Serious Illnesses” by Frank Clegg, February 2014]

Thank you for the Frank Clegg Report on the hazards of wireless radiation. As a resident of Oklahoma, USA, I was first  made aware of this issue on Nov. 7, 2012.

At that time, I had been having some unusual health issues which began appearing after the installation of a Smart Meter. Firstly, I developed new dental problems: there was a constant aching in some of my teeth. Also, a pain had started in the groin area of my left leg and traveled down to my big toe. And stabbing pains in various parts of my body would awaken me during the night – elbow, shoulder, and right hand. My left ear also had stabbing pains, and there was an overall general abdominal soreness.

Then I discovered a shocking video by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (see YouTube: Smart Meters & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time, Sept. 27, 2012). Based on his recommendations, I learned how to put a sheet of lead (30” x 30”) between my house and the Smart Meter. That night I went to sleep as usual, and when I woke up 6 hours later all my symptoms had disappeared. That’s when I became convinced that my health problems were caused by the new Smart Metre that had been installed in my house without my permission.

I have been in a fight ever since to get the Smart Metre removed. I started going to the Oklahoma Legislature back on Jan. 8, 2013. For the last year, I have been trying to educate our State Legislature about the dangers of Smart Meters and more. I also purchased Take Back Your Power DVD and hand delivered them to the Legislators. For more info, visit https://stopsmartmetersinoklahoma.org/

Joe Esposito, Oklahoma

Reader Plans to Dump Her Cell Phone and Go Back to Land Line

My apologies for the delay in sending this. I had to make the typing of this message a two day ordeal, as more than ten minutes spent on a PC fries my fingertips.

As we discussed on the phone yesterday, I’m sending you my story. As I type this on a net cafe computer (PC), my finger tips are cold, electrified and painful. I am in perfect health, except for high blood pressure which I’ve been battling for about a decade. In retrospect, that may be due to EMS (Electromagnetic Sensitivity) that’s been slowly building up over the years.

Last summer, I gained a position at a storage company in their call center, and walked to and from work every day as it was only 3-1/2 blocks from my apartment. I used a phone headset and PC daily. This small call center was located close to the electronic web server room. The all-in-one copier station was also just 6” from the main company website server that I had to use a few times a week, and that was also just about 10’ from where I sat to work daily.

After 3 months, I left that position. It was during that summer that I started to feel electrocution tingles, first in my feet, then months later, in my finger tips.

At the time, I lived in a small, one room apartment. In our place of residence, myself and my roommate were surrounded with electronics such as a wireless router, 2 laptops, fridge, toaster oven, not to mention the people who lived upstairs and probably had all that, and more, as well.

By the end of August I was experiencing pain so bad that I visited the hospital, not knowing what was causing the electrocution/ numbing feeling in my feet and my finger tips. Doctors misdiagnosed me with sciatica, gave me an x-ray and ultrasound appointment, and told me to follow up with my family doctor. The results of ultrasound and x-ray showed that I was in tip top health. Nevertheless, my pain escalated so much that it rendered me debilitated, and I could not work. I moved out of my apartment and into a new place in January.  Currently, I have no electronics, not even a clock radio, the only item that plugs into the wall, that I have in my room right now, is a small lamp.

I have since discovered that my Android cell phone, which I obtained just over a year ago, is the main source of my EMS symptoms which include:
– Numbness and tingling in the entire foot
– Tingling in the fingertips, and tip of the tongue
– Surges of electricity in my toes, fingertips and various parts of my foot, mostly in the night-time, 3, 4, and sometimes 5 times a day
– Pains in my knees, fingers
– High blood pressure
– White spots in my vision, resulting in me having slight difficulty reading
– Most recently, heart palpitations which dissipate after I get about 20’ away from the source of the radiation

I used to sleep with my phone close to my head in my bedroom, but now I put it into the kitchen at nights, which is about 20’ away from my bedroom.

The government needs to implement a scaling system to measure radiation frequency. They need to assign a number to everything wireless and electronic, and use this numbering system as a means to indicate the level of EMFs a device emits, so that consumers can make educated decisions and not put their health at risk, unknowingly.

In the meantime, I plan to contact my phone provider and request that my Android phone service be downgraded to a land-line, and ask for them to take back their device. I am going to have to live a cell-phone-free existence from now on, for the betterment of my health.

A. McDonald,
Toronto, Ontario

Local Expert on Wireless Radiation

You have one of the world’s experts on this topic in your back yard, Toronto. Her name is Magda Havas at Trent University in Peterborough.  Some of her work can be found at https://www.magdahavas.com/.  The work of this scientist and researcher should scare the heck out of us all, but few seem to be listening.

Dan Walsh
Rochester, New York, USA

Re – Synthetic Versus Natural Vitamin E

I am the owner of a health food store and an avid reader of Vitality’s every issue (as are most of my customers). I wanted to call to your attention to an error that we discovered in your February 2014 issue article by Dr. Rona, “Vitamins: A Closer Look at the Research and Propaganda.” On page 34, it states: “What the authors failed to disclose was the fact that the studies in question all used synthetic vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol).”

The error here is that synthetically produced vitamin E is dl-alpha-tocopherol (the ‘l’ got left out in the article); and d-alpha-tocopherol is actually naturally sourced vitamin E. For those who are interested: Alpha- (or α-) tocopherol is the only form of Vitamin E that is recognized to meet human requirements. So it is recommended to take naturally sourced vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) and not, as Dr. Rona correctly advises, the synthetically produced form (dl-alpha-tocopherol).

Keep up the wonderful work, Vitality. We need you!

Barbara Brown, Burlington, Ont.
(Ed. note: Dear Barbara, that error was entirely the fault of the editor, not Dr. Rona himself. Sincere apologies.)

Vitamin C Not Allowed in Local Cancer Clinics

[Re: Vitamin C: Its Many Benefits and Applications in Cancer Treatment by Dr. Paul Hrkal, ND]
I was very pleased to read last month’s article on vitamin C for cancer by Dr. Paul Hrkal. His article is very well supported by a great deal of new evidence, including research just reported in the LA Times.

For over 35 years I’ve seen high dose Vitamin C do great things for my cancer patients, especially when given intravenously. Vita-min C increases peroxide in the blood and that’s something that is toxic to cancer cells but makes healthy cells thrive. I expect to see more of these studies published in the years to come as the public becomes increasingly disenchanted with toxic chemotherapy and radiation that does virtually nothing for most cancers.

Unfortunately, the mainstream cancer clinics in the greater Toronto area continue to snub and denigrate nutritional medicine, especially the use of IV vitamin C. These same cancer clinics erroneously tell patients to stop taking their antioxidant supplements and send their cancer patients for CAT scans every 3 months “for monitoring” despite the fact that evidence clearly confirms that CAT scans themselves can cause cancer from all the radiation.

Zoltan Rona, M.D., M.Sc.
8188 Yonge St. Suite 101
Thornhill, ON  L4J 1W5

• Alternative Cancer Therapy: Vitamin C   https://vitalitymagazine.com/article/vitamin-c/
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