Letters to the Editor – June 2015


Pro-Vaccine Reader Questions Ferrie’s Article on Vaccine Safety

[Re:’Illusion of Vaccine Safety’ by Helke Ferrie in February 2015 issue]

Helke Ferrie’s article, The Illusion of Vaccine Safety, lacked such crucial information about mercury poisoning from Thimerosal that I waited until the next issue to see if this would be corrected. In March I read the update to the Feb. 2015 article, fully expecting to find a clarification.

However, the update addressed another issue with the article and gave no more information about the glaring omission. The article references a study which appears to be based on [the abstract, Archives of Disease in Childhood]: http://tinyurl.com/ob5gqsx Ms. Ferrie stated: “When, in 1977, ten newborns died from a Thimerosal-laced antiseptic dabbed onto  their umbilical cords, Thimerosal was subsequently removed from many medical products, but not from vaccines.” The article omitted to say that the infants were born between 1969 and 1975 with a congenital condition called exomphalos, where the intestine develops outside the abdominal wall.

These children were born before the era of prenatal ultrasound. While great strides have been made in peri- and neo-natal surgery to correct exomphalos, the mortality rate for the condition was as high as 35% in the United Kingdom, and up to 70% in South Africa during the 1980’s. It is quite clear that some of these fatalities would have occurred without administering Thimerosal, and failing to mention the congenital condition invalidates Ms. Ferrie’s argument.

It is also alarmingly ironic that one cause of examphalos and a similar condition called gastroschisis is pre-natal influenza, something which could be avoided with a ‘flu vaccine that is a good match for the strain of influenza.  This is something Helke Ferrie would likely rail against, and in doing so, would cause even more disservice than the Feb. 2015 article.

Margaret Krutow
Toronto, ON

Vitality responds:

Thank you for your letter. We shared your comments with Helke Ferrie and Edda West of VRAN (Vaccination Risk Awareness Network Canada). Below is the reply provided by Edda West.

“I would direct Ms. Krutow to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book titled Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak (available on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/n5khlqu). This book presents the published international science on the toxicity of Thimerosal and the various forms of mercury.

As the second most toxic substance on the planet, next to plutonium, mercury has no place in vaccines EVER, nor in any other injectable or ingestible drug. The science is very clear, and the fact that it is still used in the manufacturing process in some vaccines, and is still found in some influenza vaccines injected into pregnant women and children, is criminal.”

Thank you again for your interest in this important subject and for your letter.

Edda West, Vaccine Choice Canada

Re: ‘Immunizations Ruined My Life’

[Response to Letter to Editor submitted by Maie Liiv, May 2015 issue of Vitality]

Dear Maie,

I just read your heartbreaking letter in Vitality magazine. You are the statistic – the number instead of the human that so many doctors refer to when they say, “Oh, your chances of a reaction are only 5%”, or whatever. And so here is a human story that betrays the lie of numbers that distance us from the true costs of experimental allopathic medicine. Even 1% adverse reaction is too many. Bless you for your courage, fortitude and beautiful attitude. For all you have been through, the beauty of your soul shines through.

Monica Renée Duncan

An author says ‘Thank You’ for a great review of her book on Migraines

[Re: Susannah Kent’s review of the book ‘Migraine: Identify Your Triggers’ in May 2015 issue]

Susannah, I just read your comprehensive review of my book, Migraine: Identify Your Triggers, in Vitality’s May issue. Thank you so much for such an accurate and in-depth share.

Since I have become active as a patient advocate, the first paragraph of your review is very special as it points out how devastating the disease can be. The remaining paragraphs in your discussion point out exactly what I would like a reader to take away from the book. You leave me humbled, honoured, and full of gratitude.

Sharron Murray

Readers Enjoy Vitality’s New Digital Magazine

• I used to live in Oakville and would pick up each print copy of Vitality. Loved the content. Missing it now that I am in British Columbia. I found your Facebook page to catch certain posts, and I learned of your new digital magazine format. Thank you for this opportunity to read Vitality in a convenient new format. ~ T. Stevens, Mission, BC

• Thank you for the free subscription to your new digital edition. Congrats on producing an awesome online publication. Wishing you happiness, joy, and laughter. ~ Liala Ackerman Epstein, Advanced Health Technologies, Toronto, ON

• Please sign me up for a free subscription to the digital version of Vitality. It’s about time you went digital. ~ Jim Pappas, Toronto, ON

• Congratulations on the digital edition. It looks fabulous and is simple to read. What an accomplishment! ~ Sat Dharam Kaur, ND, Owen Sound, ON

In Honour of Fathers’ Day – a Father’s Letter to his Son

I hope you had a nice day. Is your phone working yet? I was on the beach today. It was a strong sun, 28C degrees, and I got fried. A young father went by with his two little boys and he was really great with them. It made me think of you. So, this is what came out, dedicated to you:

Thank God for the new breed of fathers
Who don’t have to strap their sons
Who don’t have to prove their manhood
By shouting and shooting off guns.

They don’t see it as weakness to express their feelings and share
They spend time with family
And show their kids they care.

They read their children stories
Go to all their games
Show interest in their schoolwork
Don’t put them down with names.

So here’s to all the great Dads
The ones who go unsung
They know it’s not just women
Who need to mind the young

All my love, 


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