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Letters to the Editor - Vitality MagazineHow to Survive a Stay in Hospital – Correction
Julie and Lynn, thank you for sharing your experience and research to raise awareness on the sad state of most hospital food (May 2012).
But this article mistakenly states that Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK) has started a program called “Real Food for Real Patients.” While a program like this would fill a huge void, RFRK does not have a program called Real Food for Real Patients.
RFRK is a Toronto-based children’s catering company, and we make all-natural food fresh from scratch for kids in child cares, schools, and camps. We agree that hospital food is in dire need of improvement, and we’ve recently begun exploring the possibility of introducing some of our menu items into Toronto-area hospitals. But our food is not yet available in hospitals or to individual hospital patients.
We apologize for any misunderstanding this article has caused. We’d also like to direct readers to the excellent work of leaders like Joshna Maharaj (in partnership with The Scarborough Hospital) and Alex Mac- Eachern (in partnership with St. Michael’s Hospital) for championing the cause of bringing more nutritious and local food into hospitals.
Real Food for Real Kids, Toronto, ON

Author Lynn Daniluk responds: I am so sorry for the confusion! I am a very big fan of RFRK’s work. I should have contacted them directly before reporting a new program. Part of this must have been wishful thinking on my part. As a caregiver I have spent many days wishing I could order in a healthy substantial meal after a long day of medical interventions.
I do apologize for getting people’s hopes up! Maybe one day this dream will become a reality. Since I wrote this article, I have heard from another patient who has spent many years in the hospital. They claim that a couple of hospitals in the GTA have started to supply a few healthier vegetarian meals. These are expensive for hospitals to provide so they don’t offer them readily. You must ask for them.
Lynn Daniluk

Julie and Lynn: Contrary to your account of surviving a stay in hospital, my own experience at Mount Sinai in Toronto was quite different. The meals offered each day always included reasonably healthy choices. At each meal one could choose a fresh fruit, milk, and whole wheat bread. Green salad was offered at lunch and dinner, yogurt and oatmeal at breakfast.
However, my problem was that all cooked dishes were too heavily salted. When I asked for a salt-free diet I was told that “salt free” meant that one did not have an additional packet of salt on the tray. (This also was the case at each of the hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and nursing home where my husband had a bed.)
Perhaps you can agitate for true “salt-free” or at least reduced use?
Name withheld by request

Living Your Most Passionate Life
I am a long-time reader of (and sometimes writer for) Vitality; I’d like to take this time to thank you for your wonderfully insightful, healing “Conscious Living” articles over the years.
The May 2012 article, “Living Your Most Passionate Life” in particular, hit a chord with me and offered some very useful advice at this juncture in my life – which has been riddled with strange conflicts as tension and uncertainty in the world grows. I like to think I am aware of and sensitive to others’ needs and rights (and also of how I think and feel – and that I understand a fair bit about my weaknesses, as well as my strengths), but sometimes we forget what we know or subconsciously block the very truths we need to be aware of in a particular situation, out of some deep-seated fear.
Your advice here has reminded me of things that are critical to pay attention to in times of conflict. I truly believe that if our mental health care system directed individuals to healers such as you, in tandem with nutritional and other alternative healers – and covered the charges as they do for psychiatry and pharmaceutical drugs – we would have a much happier, saner, healthier society with considerably less burden on the economy.
Thanks so much for all your hard and valuable work!

A.M. Greene

Why Is Vitality Endorsing Drugs?
(Re: Lyme Disease Goes Under the Microscope; May 2012)
While I always enjoy reading Helke Ferrie’s informative articles, and I agree with most points raised there, I am saddened to learn of any recommendation for (or the author’s friends succumbing to) taking antibiotics. This results in more resistant strains of disease-causing bacteria.
When will researchers abandon monetary gain remedies (i.e. patented drugs), and finally and open-mindedly explore the efficacy of proven ‘alternative’ antibacterial treatments? These include:
– colloidal silver (which also destroys viruses – I make my own now, and haven’t had a cold for longer than 4-8 hours in the last 15 years, and I put it in my dog’s drinking water and on her food daily, too),
– hydrogen peroxide,
– and various “zapping” protocols (initially or loosely based on the Royal Rife experiments; his studies of bacteria, and his 100% cures of terminal cancers in the 1930s).
Such therapies are of course decried by the government disease maintenance (aka “health”) agencies and organizations, their ridicule designed as a scare tactic to suppress such profit-shattering, “unapproved” remedies, if word gets out. I know – there’s no money in such scientific experiments – but that’s how we get into the Big Pharma and Big Agra profit cycle.
If only people who actually want to make a difference would do fundraising walks and activities for specific research into these alternative medicines and practices, to support an honest look at them without any patent/profit motive! The next step of course is to get governments to back off from their Big Brother regulation (even mass medication “for the public safety” such as chlorination and fluoridation of drinking water, another thing that colloidal silver could easily handle). I will never give money to any find-a-cure “cause”, especially not for diseases like cancer which already have many documented (yet obstructed) cures.
In a letter to the editor in the May issue of Vitality, I also noted with sadness that a reader from Pakistan actually believes that vaccines are safe and effective against malaria! We caused man-made diseases such as AIDS with vaccines, and even the resurgence of the supposedly eradicated smallpox through vaccination programs, and should look at sanitation and diet in affected parts of the world.
Possibly also, as in the case of Lyme disease-bearing ticks, repelling if not eradicating the insects should come first. Death and disability from vaccine reactions outweigh any benefits. For example, the chance that my dog will contract rabies from an encounter with a rabid animal is perhaps one in 10,000 – the chance of her contracting epilepsy from vaccine protocols is one in one! We now use Herbal Bug-X (oregano-based human repellent) to ward off mosquitoes, since the previously used liquid insecticide Revolution was no doubt what triggered her “idiopathic” seizures.
Also, in regards to the study entitled ‘White Rice Raises Risk of Diabetes’ in “News Briefs” in May issue: The researchers have obviously not read the revealing and highly documented Wheat Belly if they continue to believe the approved rhetoric that “all populations [should] consume more whole grains”!
Dr. Henry Meredith, London, Ont.

Alternatives to Surgery for Throat Cyst
My five-year-old granddaughter had an infection in her throat just above the hyoid bone. The doctors are saying she has a cyst that needs to be removed. When I checked out this type of operation I discovered that there was more to it than simply removing a cyst. The method of surgery, called “sistrunk”, would require that the cyst plus part of the hyoid bone be removed and the thyroid would be disabled. My granddaughter would have to be on medication the rest of her life and her speech could be affected.
This type of radical surgery seems to be an extreme measure to prevent an infection. We want to avoid this operation but the doctors are putting a lot of pressure on us and I need to know our rights. Do we have the right to refuse this operation and/or invasive testing?
Please help me
Julie Gordon

Helke Ferrie responds: No way, as far as surgery is concerned. If Dr. Rona has specific information and alternative suggestions, go with that, of course. However, this cyst is likely due to radiation from high EMF exposure in the place where the child lives.
If this was my grandchild, I would go for the Gerson Therapy, https://www.gerson.org. They have had very good results with thyroid issues, including cancer. I know because I have sent many patients to them. The thyroid is the first target of radiation as well as pesticides, but radiation injury tends to be faster and show things like tumours, cysts, etc.
By merely removing all radiation-related things in the child’s life (e.g. no microwaved foods, no WiFi, no WiFi, no cell phones anywhere near the child, no access to computers or cordless phones, or anything else cordless) you may find the problem settles down.
You also need to supplement with Selenium, Glutathione, vitamins C and E, and ensure that only organic food is served.
Sorry about this scary news, but it’s not imagination – I wish it was.
Best regards, Helke Ferrie

Additional response from Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD: I concur with Helke’s recommendations but have one important thing to add: Cysts of virtually any kind respond nicely to SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide) used both topically as well as swallowed by mouth. Dr. Jonathan Wright has a very good article on the subject; see https: /tahomaclinicblog.com/ iodide/
SSKI is available in a liquid form on a doctor’s prescription from most compounding pharmacists. Alternatively, you can probably also get it from some physicians’ office dispensaries. The only caution in using high doses of this mineral is a potentially adverse effect on thyroid function. This can be monitored by blood tests easily enough and the dosages adjusted accordingly. Physician monitoring would be mandatory.

Another Response to “An Open Letter to Doctors” (April 2012)
I was started on Prozac in 1992 for PTSD after an assault. I lost the 20 years of my life that followed to a parade of psychiatric drugs, all prescribed for the side effects of the drugs before. Now it’s taking me another five or six years to safely get off them. I’ve lost the best years of my life, I can’t describe the suffering I experienced during those years. I wanted to die most of that time. My children lost their mother. I have no savings to retire on. I have no partner and at this point it looks like I’ll spend the rest of my life alone.
Thank you, modern medicine. I no longer see doctors. I don’t believe in any of your “interventions.” You have no idea how much damage you are doing, and you don’t want to listen when we try to tell you.

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