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Letters to the Editor - Vitality MagazineTaking on Toxic Psychiatry
[Re: Toxic Psychiatry by Helke Ferrie, November 2012]
It was such a relief to read Helke Ferrie’s article, “Toxic Psychiatry.”
I have been fighting psychiatry through complaints to the various Colleges of Physicians in four provinces for 12 years – mostly to lose. Apparently, it is nobody’s job to discipline them for lying about the “safety and effectiveness” of their drugs, for using ghostwriters, and getting kickbacks.
Psychiatry and the law are historically allied! People don’t realize this. I was sued in a SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) one year for several million dollars for “libel and conspiracy.” I found out then that truth comes under libel as well.
Please tell your public that we must educate ourselves about the true history and motivation behind psychiatry. In my view, psychiatrists are dangerous. They are allied with jurisprudence – the law – and they use it! Involuntary commitment, drugging with toxic psychotropic drugs, and electroconvulsive shock enforced by the police and the courts, plus a system of civilian informants, is what we are going to get if we don’t make it our business to do something about them. At the very least, cut their funding!
The groundwork is being laid for electroconvulsive shock to soon be used on pregnant women and children. This would involve 12 general anaesthetics, never mind the 12 electrocutions of brain tissue. Shock is being promoted and is said to be “underused.”
Those of us who fight them are drop-dead dedicated. Maybe it isn’t pleasant, but the light of day needs to be shone on them and that’s what Ms. Ferrie did. Thank God! (For references, search  Google for “psychiatry is a fraud.” There are plenty of websites with information there.)
Katherine Jaconello

More Praise for Helke Ferrie!
[Re: Medical Fraud Exposed, October 2012]
Amazing, well-researched article. Thank you so much for giving me hope for my own family doctor’s potential to “get on the right side” of this horrific degradation of health care in North America.
The “financially stimulated” collusion between government and big business (mostly Agra/GMO and Pharma) “has to” lead to civil unrest. Unless an exceptional percentage of our medical practitioners exercise their collective conscience and demand an end to this blatant evil – what can possibly stop them? Maybe that’s exactly what they want?
John Jones, Windsor, ON

Thank you! This answers a lot of questions. Keep the truth coming!
Albert Peters, Vanderhoof, BC

Spreading the Good Word Out West
[Re: Reversing Chronic Inflammation, November 2012]
Excellent article! So important to know what causes inflammation and consequently arthritis, for instance.
I will forward this to my family out West.
Martie Johnson, Toronto, ON

My sister who lives in Toronto informed me about your magazine the other day. I live in Abbotsford, B.C. and I was informed by a health store that your magazine is not available here.
I looked up your website and was delighted to read what I found online. Thanks,
Myron Kremko, Abbotsford, BC

More Feedback on Gluten-free Diets
[Re: Wheat Belly Book Review, July/August 2012]
Since I stopped eating wheat last December, I have lost 18 lbs and have more energy than I’ve had in years
Anna Best, Meaford, Ontario

Feedback on Whole Life Expo 2012
Thanks! The Expo was great! Lectures profound! Amazing three days!
It’s rare to go to an event with free samples that are healthy!
Andrew Houlson

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Vitality Magazine for sponsoring Whole Life Expo 2012 – it was great to learn about a wide array of natural health products and services all under one roof.
And it had a special meaning for me this year – my health has dramatically improved in large measure because we attended last year’s Whole Life Expo and discovered a structural integration/shiatsu practitioner (Yaron Fink, CSI, CST, https://www.Seikinesis.ca) at the Shiatsu Society of Ontario booth. Yaron’s techniques and exercises helped me to overcome chronic head­aches and fatigue, and address an unresolved neck injury and other issues.
It felt so wonderful to be in better health as I enjoyed this year’s Whole Life Expo with my husband, and we discovered many more wonderful products and services.
We are grateful that the Whole Life Expo is making it possible for so many of us to find a way to better health using natural and green methods. Many thanks again, and we are already looking forward to next year’s Expo.
Bonni Harden

Bach Remedies Work Wonders for Pets
[Re: Flower Power for Pets, November 2012]
My neighbour’s dog was terrified of storms. I consulted Sue Becker and she suggested we try Rescue Remedy. When a storm is impending we squirt some Remedy in the dog’s mouth and she is a lot calmer and no longer shakes. Sometimes she has to repeat a few times but my neighbour is so happy with the results.Thank you so much, Sue.
Mary Lou Green, London, Ontario

A veterinary Homeopath friend in the U.S. who, like Sue Becker, is also a Certified Bach Flower Practitioner, introduced me to Bach Flower Essences some years ago for myself and my then pets.
Since that time, Bach Remedies have proved themselves invaluable as well to some of the rescues that have passed through my hands and/or home.
I am so grateful to my friend and to all like her and Sue Becker who use and recommend such wonderful, non-drug approaches to healing!
Mare Lewis, S.W. Ontario

Author Sue Becker responds:
Thank you, Mary Lou and Mare, for taking the time to tell us of your experiences.  The Remedies are such safe and effective helpers!
My best to you and your animal friends.
Sue Becker, Guelph, ON suebecker@cyg.net

Newsflash: Big Pharma Buys Supplement Co.
“Drug giant Bayer HealthCare LLC will be acquiring Schiff Nutrition International, a leading nutritional supplement company, for $1.2 billion in a deal that is expected to close by year’s end. Bayer reports that the merger will help to ‘augment its organic growth,’ as Schiff ‘significantly enhances our presence and position in the United States.’
Indeed, not only do drug companies stand to gain revenue by buying up supplement makers – they’re essentially getting rid of their competition so they can control the entire supplement industry.”
Dr. Eric Mercola, https://www.mercola.com

Commentary from a reader:
Dear Editor:
This announcement (Bayer Buys Schiff) is such a serious event that it should cause great concern.  Due to the control and manipulation of government policy through Health Canada, the Natural Health Product industry (NHP) has been rendered to chaos and disrepair. No other industry has received such intolerable change, poor governance and lack of foresight than the manipulation of the policies that have been forced on the NHP industry.
As the NHP industry is attacked by draconian and unattainable regulations developed without their input by Health Canada, pharmaceutical companies are ‘snapping’ up these popular businesses because – and this is something the Health Minister ignores and will NOT respond to – millions of people do not want to take drugs.
Drugs do not cure. Drugs cause multiple side effects that often make illnesses worse than the first problem was. People seek wholesome natural remedies that work with the body, not against; that improve the body, not break it down (like statins do). This increasing demand for ‘natural health products’ has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry that the pharmaceutical companies were not a part of – at least not until they received help from Health Canada and our Health Minister Ms. Aqlukkaq.
Until now, thanks to the poor leadership and lack of understanding of Natural Health Products, Health Minister Aglukkaq has literally handed the NHP industry to the mighty pharmaceutical companies. What a travesty. She has allowed this to happen under her watch and with the approval of the Prime Minister’s office.
Shame on the Conservative Party once again for a complete waste of taxpayers dollars hiring ‘hit men’ to raid Health food stores, raid homes with armed RCMP and pull natural substances off health food store shelves because, well, Health Canada has no idea if it is something that will work or not – there is no research. (It works for me and millions of others to trust decades of tried and true results rather than to turn to drugs with a list of side effects. We should have a choice.)
I continue to be ready to vote for whatever Federal Party challenges the Conservatives on this file in the next election. Canadian’s rights are continually being eroded in a most Gestapo-like manner by Health Canada and endorsed by the Prime Minister and the Health Minister.
What a sad time for this country.
Please note that it is the responsibility of all Members of Parliament to be aware of the ramifications that poor policies create.
Rose Stevens, Spruce Grove, Alberta

(Ed. note: For more information, visit the Natural Health Products Protection Assn, headed by lawyer Shawn Buckley who is working to protect our freedom of choice in health care. https://www.nhppa.org)

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