Letters to the Editor – April 2016

Reader Asks Where To Buy L-Threonine

I read about this amino acid (L-Threonine) in Dr. Rona’s article, Supernutrients for Longevity (Feb. 2015 issue) but I haven’t been able to find any store that carries this product. Do you know how I can find a source?
Michael H., Mississauga, ON

Dr. Rona responds

L-Threonine is sold by NAKA and TriStar. Your health food store can order it in for you or, for mail order, call High Level Wellness at (905) 764-9300.
Dr. Zoltan Rona, Toronto, ON

Love Vitality Digital!

I love your magazine but am not currently working in Toronto so I no longer get it. I’m glad to see you now have a digital version. – Linda J.M., Durham, ON

Reader Concerned About New Regulation That Jeopardizes Health Practitioners

I was browsing your website and was shocked to find that Vitality magazine has not covered this legislation – a new controlled Act of Psychotherapy, under an amendment of Registered Health Professions Act, that is currently being illegally shoved down Ontarians’ throats. This Act will seriously affect the way natural health care is delivered in our province, a huge matter that could put thousands of natural care practitioners out of business and remove natural choices for all Ontarians. Is there a reason that Vitality, a front runner in the natural health field, is not discussing this topic and helping to mobilize an effort to deal with this?

I have come across a movement called, ‘Stop The Psychotherapy Takeover’ and am in utter disbelief at the lack of awareness being paid to this by a magazine such as yours (among others) that should be informing and educating about all aspects of healthcare choices. Are we to have natural health magazines that allow citizens to only dream about having the ability to choose while we flip through pages and see what others around the world are enjoying?
Monica LP, Bancroft, ON

Holistic Practitioners Say New Legislation Could Put 10,000 Out of Business

As dedicated, professional practitioners and educators offering holistic services, we are extremely concerned about the way the Ontario government is using the Psychotherapy Act, together with the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy, to eliminate the public’s healthcare freedoms along with the jobs of 10,000 holistic practitioners (mostly women) from the Ontario healthcare scene – all in the ?name of ‘public interest’.

Based on the new, secretly passed, Controlled Act of Psychotherapy (which could become enforceable any day), it is now unlawful in Ontario to assist another with any human issue – from emotional, thinking, and reasoning, to cognition, perception, memory, judgment, insight, behaviour, communication, social functioning or mental – unless one is a registered psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, MD, nurse, occupational therapist, or social worker.

According to the Act, a regulatory college will have the authority to interpret the legislation’s key terms as broadly as they wish, without public consultation, and will have the authority to put any non-Member out of work. This in spite of the fact that there is no evidence that their Members provide safer or superior services in mental health care, spiritual care, or nutrition education.

The holistic community offers many valued, safe, drug-free choices, including hypnotherapy, energy work, spiritual care, nutrition, weight management, holistic education, family therapy, coping skills training, chiropractic care, meditation, Reiki, Polarity, Reflexology, pet-assisted therapy, and more.

We must petition the Ontario government to install legislation that will protect natural therapies and approaches to health and wellness, so that we don’t have to constantly worry about being forced out of work by those who want to protect their ‘turf’.

We urge readers to visit: StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca to download a formal petition, and to learn more.
Christine Massey, Reiki Master and Grace Joubarne, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Reading Vitality on My Mobile Device – Love it!

Thank you for providing your magazine by email. I recently solved the mystery behind a long-time health issue because I read an article in your magazine. I look forward to reading more of your great articles.
Sylvie T., Berwick, ON

Reader Concerns Regarding ‘Niacin’ Article

Your Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016 issue had an article regarding the use of niacin for lowering cholesterol levels. Given that I have an elevated ‘total cholesterol’ level, and that my physician is recommending low-dose statins (which I object to), I decided to try niacin. I experienced severe side effects: burning, itching, tingling, and redness all over my body. In hindsight, I feel that the article by Helen Saul Case was remiss in not mentioning the possible side effects [of high doses of niacin] and not suggesting that one should start with a low dosage, gradually increasing it. I’m almost scared to try it again. But if/when I do, it will definitely be at a lower dose, and perhaps preceded by 325 mg of ASA. Thank you.
Genevieve P., Toronto, ON

Holistic MD in Markham Now On Our Radar

I hope this email reaches you in the best of health and spirits. I am an avid reader of Vitality and was reading the March 2016 edition recently. In the Letters to Editor section, I saw that a reader named Don asked for information regarding any medical doctors who provide natural healing services [in the Markham area] while also accepting OHIP payments. As I live in the Markham area too, I was surprised that, in your reply, you didn’t mention Dr. John Gannage. I have heard about him through my friends and I follow him on the social websites and, from what I read, he seems like a doctor who knows his stuff. However, in your reply you mentioned other doctors who are not in the area, although the reader wanted an MD in Markham.

What do you base your answers on? Do you only suggest practitioners who advertise in your magazine, or do you make recommendation based on what the reader asks, or on what is good for them? I am sure you would have some level of journalistic integrity when it comes to providing information to your readers.

I hope to see better, and more responsible, journalism from Vitality in the future as I was not too happy with what I read and, hence, this email to you.
Ashish J., Markham, ON

Vitality responds

Thank you for your letter, Ashish. You are quite right that Dr. John Gannage is a fully licensed physician practising in Markham. He has been off of our radar for some years but, after receiving your reminder, we contacted him and confirmed that he is accepting new patients at this time.

Dr. Gannage also sent us the following message: “Your magazine has served the community very well for many years. Thank you. We still distribute Vitality every month in our clinic.”

Dr. John Gannage
300 Main St.,Markham ON
(905) 294-2335

GMO Labelling – Not In Canada, eh?

Children and adults with allergies in Canada are unable to control their allergies because Canadians have no right to know what is in their food. For 40+ years, laws in the U.S. and Europe have demanded that all ingredients and chemical additives be listed on all food labels, with no exceptions. But in Canada this law does not appear to exist. In a democracy, one should be able to make an informed choice regarding what they eat. I am a handicapped person with allergies who, at the age of 70, must now boycott Canadian food in order to reverse the damage of Parkinson’s Disease caused by rapeseed oil (aka canola oil). Children with allergies are even more susceptible to the symptomatic disease and brain disorders caused by chemicals and toxins. We need legislation in Canada that demands that all ingredients be listed on all food labels.

For more information, visit: www.okra-diet4all.com
Trudi Trahan-upchan, Sudbury, ON

Complaint re: Vitality Ad

I’ve been reading your magazine for years and think it’s a very good publication. However, I was very offended by the ad on the back cover of your February issue. We all know what yeast infections are and do not need to see a pair of pink lace panties, along with very descriptive material, staring us in the face! I’m surprised you accepted such an ad; of course, a full page ad pays well, doesn’t it? I wanted to let you know my thoughts as I feel so strongly about this. I don’t think I’ve ever complained to a company or publication about an ad in my life. This is a first!

I’ve already emailed Flora expressing my views. As I told them, thankfully I don’t need a product like the one they’re advertising but if I did, I would never purchase this particular one! Surely some discretion should be considered in matters like this. We already have enough in-your-face advertising to contend with on TV, at the movies, etc., without having to deal with it in a holistic health-oriented magazine such as yours. Thank you for listening and for your consideration.
J. Goodwin-Cooper, Thornhill, ON

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